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Cate de mi Corazon has dedicated more than 35 years growing avocados in the west region of Mexico, Michoacan. Mr. DiCiero son of true Italian cooks and food lovers cultivated this taste for true gourmet ingredients such as Avocados. It was in 1979 when Mr. DiCiero decided to come to Mexico and after falling in love with the Avocado growing region decided to devote his energy to the production of this tasty fruit. Our fields now gather thousands of avocados trees that yield around 1,000 tons every year.

In the year 2012 we envisioned a new opportunity to offer all of the benefits of avocado concentrated in the best specialty gourmet oil available in the market. The result was the creation of NON-GMO Gourmet Avocado Oil and Hot & Spicy Avocado Oil, a perfect combination of avocado and traditional spices and herbs.

Cate de mi Corazon has a strong commitment to our local community and our families of Michoacan. We are constantly involved in projects for improving the living conditions of our people by organizing activities dedicated to support schools, home buildings and social assistance. This year, we are working with the community to develop a Micro Avocado Grower Coop to achieve economies of scale and overcome the excessive logistic costs of consolidating small high quality harvests that otherwise would go bad; a huge potential loss of revenue for local families.

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