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Licensed by Tequila Cuervo La La Rojeña, S.A de C.V, Cholula hot sauce is manufactured in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. The product is a brand of chili-based hot sauce, known for its iconic round wooden cap in various colors and the artistry of the label, which has become a quality icon, a symbol recognized by millions. Cholulas packaging of the wooden cap and yellow label represent the care and quality tradition of Mexican artisanship. Its Cholula comes in four varieties widely marketed in North America: Original, Chili Garlic, Chili Lime and Chipotle.

The Cholula hot sauce got its name after the 2500 year old city of Cholula, Puebla, Mexico., the oldest still-inhabited city in Mexico. The word “Cholula” comes from the Nahuatl toponym “Chollollan” which means “the place of the retreat.”

Cholula’s Flavorful Fire roots can be found in a very well guarded, 100 year old recipe that in a delicate process, with arbol peppers and pequin peppers ground into a delicate paste then combined with signature spices and natural ingredients to produce a perfect balance between flavors with the right amount of heat. Resulting in an amazing and flavorful hot sauce with a balanced heat for which its known as “The Flavorful Fire.” Cholula is a zesty and intriguing compliment for all your favorite dishes and signature recipes, making it an enhancing experience, not an explosive one.

Cholula success has been nothing short of incredible! Known as one of the fastest growin hot sauces, what first started as a local favorite, soon gained international acclaim, by having bottles of the zesty, scrumptious hot sauce popping in retail stores, restaurant kitchens and tables all over North America and for being available in grocery stores nationally.

Cholula was produced for three generations and used primarily as an ingredient in a drink called sangrita in Chapala, Jalisco. Cholula was first introduced into the United States in 1989 in Austin Texas, after its expansion across the Mexican market. Cholula was distributed in supermarket chains throughout the American Southwest during the 1990’s, as well as in many Canadian supermarkets and is currently available nationwide. Cholula is frequently sold in 5 oz bottles, and is also available in 2oz and 12 oz bottles as well as a 64oz plastic bottle and 7-gram single-use condiment packets all available here at

Cholula Hot Sauce pleases the senses, with its distinctive artistry of the label, flavorful sauce inside and its distinctive carved wooden cap pleases the senses. If you haven’t had Cholula, you’re in for a pleasant treat that will enhance the flavor and enjoyment of all your favorite foods. Enhance the flavor of all your favorite dishes like eggs, hash browns, omelets, soups, sauces, dips, pizza, entrees, appetizers like popcorn and drinks like Bloody Marys. Cholula’s finely balanced heat will make your favorite food tastier and festive without masking the food’s flavor with blasting heat.

Its because the Flavorful Fire of Cholula Rocks, that rock stars, presidents, race drivers, NBA stars, snowboarders and golf pros, great chefs and millions of folks just like you and me use it very passionately in their favorite foods.


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