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Mexican Cook's Tools

Mexican Cook's Tools

TALLON All Purpose Glassware Fiber Sponge
TALLON Multi Purpose Fiber Sponge
Empanada Fork
Tuxton Casserole Dish (Cazuela para Queso Fundido) 10 oz
Aguas Frescas Vitrolero de plastico / Plastic Water container
Ladle Scoop for Vitrolero
Molinillo de Madera para Chocolate / Chocolate Stirrer
Molinillo Hueco Grande - Hollow Wooden Stirrer
Raspador de Hielo para Raspados / Metalic Block Ice Shaver
Masher - Machacador - Bean / Potato Masher by La Mexicana
Corn Mill - Molino de Granos de Maiz modelo No. 500
Brush Escobeta de Raiz / Root Brush
Cuchara de Madera Mediana #2 / Wooden Spoon Medium #2
Cuchara de Madera Grande #3 / Wooden Spoon Large #3
Pala de Madera / Wood Spatula Spoon Paddle for Cooking
Rodillo de Madera Grande / Wooden Rolling Pin
Lavadero de Lamina - Grande / Washboard Large
Mexican Lime Squeezer - Exprimidor de Lima - Aluminum Small Lemon Squeezer
Aluminum Orange Squeezer - Exprimidor de Naranja Manual
Key Lime Squeezer - Exprimidor de Limon - Aluminum
Lime Squeezer Small (Aluminum Green)
Lemon Squeezer Small (Aluminum Yellow)
Cactus Peeler (Pelador de Nopales)
Enamel Ware - Cacerola Peltre Honda #14 / Enamel Saucepan #14
Enamel Cookware - Vaso Recto Peltre #10 / Enamel Cup #10 by CINSA
Enamel Cookware - Cuchara de Peltre Grande #36 / Enamel Spoon
Cinsa Enamel Cookware - Cuchara de Peltre Mediana #30 / Enamel Spoon
Enamel Cookware by CINSA - Cuchara de Peltre Chica #21 / Enamel Spoon #21
Enamel Coffee Pot - Cafetera Peltre by Cinsa
Clean Beanz - Rock Removal Tool for Cleaning Beans
Curious Chef Build a Kitchen 8 Piece Fruit & Vegetable Set
Curious Chef Build a Kitchen 8 Piece Cutlery & Serving Set
Curious Chef 26 Piece Holiday Cookie Kit
Gessner Salsa Server Bowls (Pack of 8)
Hot Calendar Girls Pot Holder and Oven Mitt
Skelleton Wedding Light Pot Holder and Oven Mitt
Skelleton Wedding Dark Pot Holder and Oven Mitt
Frida Kahlo Light Pot Holder and Oven Mitt
Colorful Chilis Pot Holder and Oven Mitt
Kitchen Tongs Stainless Steel - Pinzas para Cocinar
Potato Peeler - Pelapapas
Cucharon - Stainless Steel Ladle by La Mexicana
Wood Cutting Board (Tabla de Madera)
Taco Tray - Holds 6 Tacos and Favorite Toppings
Vitrolero de Plastico con Llave - Water Jug with Faucet
It is essential to have the proper tools in your kitchen when it comes to Mexican meals, besides giving your kitchen an authentic Mexican look. It is vital to have the right ingredients and tools with which to shape and cook them. Cooking utensils have evolved over centuries and with the combination of modern technology, has given people the best of both worlds: modern and past. proudly brings the best high quality Mexican Cooking Tools right to your kitchen, our goal is to make your cooking easy, fun and safe.

Listed below is some of the authentic Mexican Cooking Equipment you’ll find at

Vitrolero de Plastico – This large plastic water container is ideal for containing the traditional aguas frescas (fresh fruit juice beverages) such as horchata, lemonade, hibiscus water (Jamaica), tamarindo and other fruit flavors. Our plastic vitroleros hold about 5.25 gallons of water. These plastic containers are perfect for parties and restaurants, so you can serve your favorite fruit drinks with style.

Molinillo – There are a variety of ways to prepare and drink chocolate in Mexico, as well as numerous brands that provide the most exquisite chocolate products, such as Abuelita, Ibarra, Don Gustavo and many others. Most commonly, hot chocolate is drunk in a cup with a thick layer of foam. This is a tradition that was inherited to Mexico by the Aztecs and Spaniards. The natives created the foam by pouring chocolate from one cup to another, until the creation of the Molinillo during Colonial times in the 1700s. A Molinillo is made from a single piece of turned wood; that is rotated between two hands; the twisting motion froths the chocolate and creates the foam. Our Molinillos from La Mexicana are excellent tools to make traditional drinks such as atole, champurrado and hot chocolate.

Raspador de Hielo – Is a metallic block ice shaver that is designed to produce soft snow from ice cubes and ice blocks. It is ideal for you to create your favorite slushies, serbets, snow cones and even a delicious chamoyada.

Masher – This simple stainless steel and nylon utensil from La Mexicana is ideal for mashing or crushing refried beans, boiled potatos, vegetables and fruits.

Lime / Lemon Squeezer – Make squeezing lemons and limes a much simpler task with our aluminum lemon and lime squeezers, that are light weight and very easy to use. They are coated in green, yellow or orange to avoid rust, and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Ladles and Wooden Spoons are essential tools for any kitchen especially for Mexican and Cajun cooking. Wooden spoons are ideal for mixing and serving food. A ladle scoop can be used either to serve aguas frescas from plastic containers (vitroleros) or a variety of soups and beverages. It’s a great utensil to use for Mexican or Cajun dishes (gumbo, jambalaya, etc).

CINSA has a variety of useful and durable kitchen products that are vital for any Mexican cook: enamel cups, spoons and saucepans.

If you want to teach your kids the art of cooking we offer our Curious Chef products that are 8 piece sets for either cutlery or fruit & vegetables. These sets will give your children the chance to help you and learn how to prepare any meal safely. You can work side by side with your kids, as they help you slice, dice, chop and cut all types of food.

Other great cooking tools you’ll find at are: Corn Mill, Clean Beanz (cleans beans easily and removes debris with no mess), wooden rolling pin, citrus blaster fruit injector and squeezer, casserole dishes, fiber sponges, salsa bowls and much more.


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