Mexican Tamales Cookware

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Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish that was inherited by the ancient Indians of Mesoamerica, although who actually invented the tamale and when, is not known for certain, but it is known that they have existed since pre-Columbian days. It was the food of choice among the Aztecs and Spaniards, because of how portable and easy it was to heat.

Though all tamale variations are similar, the preparation and style for Mexican tamales (tamales Mexicanos) varies by region. There are numerous amounts of tamales recipes and methods to prepare this delicious and traditional food, the most common way to prepare them is by steaming. Special pots are used to cook the tamales which are called Tamale Steamers or Tamale Cookers.

In order to use a Steamer (Tamale Pot) you must add enough water to the pot in order to produce the right amount of steam as well as keeping the level low enough so it doesn?t touch the tamale rack. Position the tamales on the rack while making sure to leave enough room for each so the tamales don?t fall over as they steam when the tamale dough expands. Place the lid on the steamer, bring it to a boil and adjust the heat, steam for approximately two hours and check frequently to prevent the water in the pot from going dry. To make sure they are done, remove a tamale from the steamer and peel back the husk, if the tamale dough easily separates from the husk and the surface is smooth this most likely means the tamales are done. If you?re unsure taste the tamale to test the dough?s consistency and make sure it is fully cooked. proudly brings you the best Mexican Tamales Cookware, so you can have the proper tools to cook sensational and delicious tamales. Try our stainless steel and enamel tamale steamers by La Mexicana and El Mexicano. We also recommend Mex-Sales Tamales Masa Spreader; it?s the ideal tool for spreading the dough on your tamales.

For those tamale lovers who want to learn to make tamales or get started on a great holiday meal, has excellent gift suggestions and gift packs to get you and your loved ones started with the art of Tamale Making. Share the fun of preparing this traditional Mexican dish with our gift packs.

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