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Mexican chocolate refers to the round cinnamon scented chocolate flat disks and the foamy drink that is made from them. This delicious chocolate beverage originates from Mexico and is believed to have been created by the Mayans; it was later adopted by the ancient Aztecs who made this cocoa beverage an essential part of their culture. The Aztec people made a variety of chocolate drinks that were combined with nuts, seeds, honey, anise, vanilla and spices. It was a beverage for the wealthy and was also used in rituals by priests. Chocolate was so important it was used as both currency and food.

History of Chocolate

The Aztecs later introduced their chocolate beverages to the Spanish colonizers who became so fascinated by chocolate and its flavor that they took it back to Spain. Its popularity in Spain was so great that it became a famous and preferred drink throughout European nobility. This influenced the Spanish to invent the famous Molinillo for whisking chocolate and the leading European porcelain companies to start making specialized pots and cups specifically to serve chocolate. Also chocolate underwent various changes after that, because before the Europeans arrived it wasn’t a sweet treat but a rather sour one at that. Thanks to Spanish and French influence, Mexican chocolate was shaped into what we know today as hot chocolate thanks to the addition of cinnamon, sugar, eggs, vanilla and almonds. This traditional beverage was also used as a remedy to treat illnesses such as stomach diseases. It was the Spanish ladies of colonial Guatemala during the 1500s that formed the round tablets that we see sold in stores today.

How to prepare Mexican Chocolate

The most traditional uses for chocolate are hot beverages such as Atole, Champurrado and Hot Chocolate. Atole and Champurrado are typically served with tamales, but Champurrado can also be served as a dessert and like hot chocolate is also served with churros or pan dulce which means sweet bread in English. These drinks get their signature foamy texture with a wooden whisk called a Molinillo, which is held between the palms of your hands, it is moved back and forth in the chocolate mixture until it is frothy and foamy. Chocolate is also used in Mole sauce along with its traditional ingredients, only a small amount of chocolate is mixed into the sauce to enhance the flavor but not overwhelm it, as well as giving the mole sauce its traditional color and texture.

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