Cheese and other Mexican Foodservice Products

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The Foodservice industry refers to those businesses that prepare and serve meals outside the home, such as schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, cafeterias, catering services and other businesses. The companies that supply these businesses with food items are called foodservice distributors; they often sell goods in either consumer or food service versions. The foodservice version though is much larger in order to suit the amount needed for those food businesses. Have you eaten a burger or pizza at your local fast food joint? Then you’ve already been to a foodservice establishment, and as you can imagine they need larger versions then the consumer products you see at the store in order to serve all of their customers, and that’s where foodservice distributors come in. is proud to facilitate and give you access to all the popular foodservice products on the market. Have a restaurant, catering a big event such as wedding or do you need supplies for your cafeteria? You’ll find everything you need here; our large foodservice products can also come in handy for parties and big events where larger amounts of food obviously must be served.


Most Mexican desserts go great with hot chocolate and if your food establishment serves churros, sweet bread or cake then our Ibarra Chocolate cinnamon tablets are just what you need to satisfy your customers with a great dessert and savory authentic Mexican hot chocolate.

Impress your customers and make a sweet treat that is finger licking good, our Tres Reyes Chongos Zamoranos are a sweet curdled milk dessert that is flavored with cinnamon and sugar. It is sure to become a favorite, since is the ideal treat for anyone who craves a sweet snack.

Create sweet concoctions and delectable desserts with our vanilla extract products from Molina and Vanilla Real. Whether you’re catering or own a restaurant, you can create and serve scrumptious desserts such as cakes, yogurt, candies, beverages and other recipes. Give your sweet recipes a unique vanilla flavor that is both irresistible and pleasant for the palate.

Make an authentic Mexican cake or gelatin, as well as other desserts with our canned guava and mango fruits from Herdez. They taste just as good as fresh fruits, and will go great with many types of desserts, they can also be served right out of the cans with some fresh cottage cheese.

Tamales & Tortillas

Make the most scrumptious tortillas and tamales with our Maseca Corn Flour Masa, the quality and taste of the dough is essential for a good tamale or tortilla. So make a meal that will impress your customers. Also use the El Guapo Corn Husks to wrap your fresh made tamales and make spreading the dough on them easier with the Mex-Sales tamale spreader.

Achiote Paste

Our achiote paste brands El Yucateco, MexiChef and La Perla del Mayab have an earthy flavor that will give all of your foods a unique and delicious taste. Use them to make sauces or as a marinade that will enhance the flavor of seafood, meat and poultry. You can also make the traditional Mexican dish Cochinita Pibil with our achiote products.

Other Products

If you want to serve a tasty snack in your establishment, our Japon peanuts are just the treat you need to satisfy your customers. Japanese roasted peanuts have a crunchy shell that is so tasty it’s irresistible. This snack also goes great with an ice cold beer, so it is ideal to serve in restaurants or bars. La Costena tomatillos give a tart flavor to green sauces unlike no other ingredient; it can be used to make delicious salsas for enchiladas, chilaquiles, empanadas, chicken, quesadillas, sopes, tamales and many other dishes. Accompany some of these dishes with some delicious black beans from C & F; their Valencia Rice can be used to make the authentic Spanish paella seafood dish. If you have a Mexican restaurant or a taco shop our Adobo Oven is just what you need to make delicious tacos al pastor, this machine is especially designed to make tacos with pork meat.

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