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Hard and Wrapped Mexican Candy Assortment

Hard Mexican candies have a unique combination of ingredients and flavors the most common being sweet and spicy, with sugar, fruits and chili combined to make a mouthwatering treat. It is precisely this combination of ingredients that make Mexican candies stand out from your typical sweet caramels. The combination of fruits and chili is irresistible, and creates a salty and tangy flavor that makes them a most scrumptious treat. Mexican hard candies come in many flavors, shapes, colors and textures, some are sweet and sour while others are sweet and spicy and their heat intensities vary. It's a tough task choosing a candy with so many tasty varieties available but whichever you choose, you can be sure that the taste is unique and unlike any other candy you've ever tasted.

Mexican candy is considered one of many forms of art in Mexico and MexGrocer.com prides itself in being able to bring this delicious art and tradition right to your door. Savor the flavor of Mexico with our scrumptious selection of Hard & Wrapped Mexican Candy.

Have you are children uncover a sweet surprise in their birthday pinatas with our delicious pinata stuffers from Mexico's most popular candy brands: De La Rosa, Ricolino, Beny and Sonrics. Beny's assorted candy package has over 5 pounds of unique Beny candies and flavors. Ricofiesta is a wonderful assortment of lollipops and chocolates by Ricolino. Give you are children a sweet surprise with Sonrics Pinata Surprise Candy Bag filled with a tasty variety of Sonrics candies. De La Rosa Pinata Mix is filled with 4 pounds of their most popular and delicious candies including: Pulparindo, Butter n Cream Caramels, Pineapple and Strawberry candy and Megagum.

Satisfy you're sweet tooth with Laposse, Mexico's oldest caramel candy and chocolate factory. Savor their sweet caramel candy varieties. Laposse Napolitan Hard Candy is a savory hard crystal candy that comes in 9 flavors: Orange, Lemon, Anise, Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple, Cherry, Pear and Apricot. Laposse Assorted Hard Candies have a sweet filling and are coated in chocolate; they come in 4 delicious flavors: Pine, Orange, Apricot and Lemon. Also try Laposse Butter Rum and Butter Coffee flavored caramels.

Dulces Montes a unique selection of caramels that is sure to please your taste buds: Damy Peanut Crunch Candy, Tomy Butterscotch, Ricos Besos Chocolate Toffee and Super Natilla Pecan Flavored Toffee caramel candies are made with fresh milk. These sweets are ideal pinata stuffers and party favors.

If you love Starburst then you will love our chewy candies, Canel’s Tueni and Winis are delicious fruit chews that have the same delicious and fruity taste of Starburst. They are the perfect candies on the go and make great pinata stuffers.

Selz Soda are lemon flavored and powdered filled hard candies with an irresistible sweet and sour taste. The lemon powder filling is so effervescent it will give you a fun bubbly experience just like a real soda.

If you crave the authentic flavor of Mexico's sweet and spicy candies, MexGrocer.com has the best brands in store for you: Chirris Rebanaditas, Bolitochas, Chilibonchas and Ricochas. With so many mouthwatering and fruity flavors it will be hard to just have one. Flavors include: watermelon, tamarind, strawberry, mango, pineapple and chamoy.

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