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Salsas have been around since the Aztecs, they would combine chiles with tomatillos as well as grounded squash seeds to create what is known today as Salsa. They would pour it on food such as turkey and fish as condiment. Salsa is the staple of Mexico, because of its colors and flavor, if salsa didn’t exist, food would be boring and bland. MexGrocer has a variety of salsas to fill your needs, so if you’re looking for a variety of Mexican salsas: hot salsas, Gourmet Salsas, Marinades, Chipotle Sauces, Mole, & Spicy Salsas or any type or kind of salsa, you came to the right place. has the very best salsas to enhance your recipes and favorite dishes for an unbelievable taste. In order for people to want food, it has to be delicious and one way to make delicious food is with the variety of salsas and mole MexGrocer has to offer. Please visit our Salsa Mexican food recipes section at Mexican Salsa Recipes.

We have Mexico’s most popular brands of salsas: Herdez, La Costena, Chi-chis, La Victoria, Embasa, Goya, El Pato, El Pinto, Las Palmas, Zaaschila, San Marcos, and Tostitos that make convenient salsas and bring the flavors of Mexico into your favorite dishes and recipes. Use these salsas on your tacos, tostadas, eggs, hamburgers, and more.

Red Salsas

Red salsas can be used to make various dishes, such as delicious enchiladas and chilaquiles. You can pour them over tacos, eggs for breakfast, tostadas, sopes, tamales, and even eat them right out of the jar with your favorite Tostitos Tortilla Chips. MexGrocer offers you a variety of Brands of Red salsas from Herdez, La Costena, La Victoria, Pico Pica, Embasa, Frontera, Chi-Chis, Goya, El Pinto and San Marcos. So go ahead and make your dishes Muy Deliciosos, with all these Mexican salsas.

Green Salsas

If you’re more of a green salsa type MexGrocer has the right one for you in their Salsa Verde – Mexican Green Salsas Coleccion, with the most popular brands to choose from: Embasa, La Costena, Herdez, San Marcos, Mi Viejita y Goya so you can prepare delicious chilaquiles, enchiladas, chicharron en salsa verde. You can even pour it on tacos, tostadas, sopes, and tamales. Let your imagination flow and Salsas verdes flavor your dishes and recipes.

Chipotle Salsas

Chipotle salsa’s main ingredients are tomato and chipotles for a unique flavor. Today there are different variations to give the chipotle taste to different styles of what is now called salsa. MexGrocer offers you a selection of Chipotle sauces for you to add the smoky flavor and spice in your food. You can choose from various brands: Herdez, El Pinto, Frontera, Sabores Aztecas and Dona Chonita. You can marinade or pour them on meat, chicken, fish, pork, and some you can have as dips to eat with your favorite Tostito Tortilla Chips. They are that good!

Specialty Salsas

Get your favorite Gourmet Salsas delivered right to your door. Check out for the best Mexican Specialty Salsas: Taquera, Ranchera, 5 Chiles, Guajillo, Morita and More. As well as all of your favorite Gourmet Salsas like: Sabores Aztecas/San Miguel, Trechas, Frontera by Rick Bayless, Zaaschila, Big Acres, Fischer and Wieser, El Pinto, Chef Michael Flores, Max’s Black Gold and more.

Enchilada Sauces

Make delicious and authentic homemade red or green enchiladas and chilaquiles, with MexGrocer’s Enchilada Sauce collection. That brings you the best Mexican enchilada sauces to give your recipes the authentic flavor of Mexico. Make them spicy with El Pato enchilada sauce, Max’s Black Gold sauce and Mexichef chile pastes, or show off by making non spicy delicious chilaquiles and enchiladas using Las Palmas, La Victoria, El Pinto and Dona Chonita enchilada sauce.

Mole Sauces

Bring the smell and flavors of Mexico into your kitchen by making the world famous Mole. Considered a staple in Mexican cuisine Mole or mole sauce is a dark brown Mexican sauce or gravy made from dry chiles, nuts, spices, vegetables, chocolate and seasonings. So with brands like Dona Maria, and Rogelio Bueno you can make authentic Mexican Mole, adobo or pipian without slaving in the kitchen to make your favorite dish. Dona Maria makes it easy, just open the jar and use, for an amazing taste that will bring the feeling of family into your kitchen.

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