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Mexican cooking is very easy to prepare, in fact itís easier than most dishes and all the utensils you need, you already have them in your kitchen like pots, pans, blenders, mixers, and skillets. Though all Mexican dishes may vary, they all share the same cooking utensils that help to give an authentic flavor and texture to all of your Mexican dishes. has a vast selection of authentic Mexican cooking utensils that will enhance your cooking and give your kitchen an authentic look. In our store you can choose from Molcajetes, Comales, Tortilla Cookware, Tamales Cookware, Tabletop, Glassware, Lead Free Clay Cookware, Cooktools, and Mexican Ceramics, as well as Cooking Utensils Gift Suggestions to get your friends started in the art of Mexican cuisine. These cooking tools are preferred in Mexican kitchens instead of the traditional processors and chopping boards.

However, to achieve the authentic Mexican flavor as well as making cooking fun, and to give your kitchen a Mexican style and look youíll need the following items from

Mexican Cooking Aprons: Before you can start cooking you have to use an apron to protect your clothes from certain ingredients that can stain fabrics. MexGrocer provides you with a variety of colorful aprons to choose from.

The Molcajete and Tejolote: This abrasive rock mortar and pestle is an excellent tool to extract the in intense flavors of spices and ingredients from Mexican dishes. With MexGrocerís Molcajetes you can prepare delicious salsas, and guacamole.

Tortilla Press: Make tortilla making from scratch fun, faster and easier. Just put your masa on the tortilla to flatten it and make perfectly round and delicious tortillas.

Comales: Warm up your tortillas or blister your chiles and vegetables with our comales to give your Mexican dishes a delicious and authentic flavor.

Tamale cookware: When preparing authentic and delicious tamales, our Tamale cookware is exactly what you need. We also offer a Mexican Tamales Making kit to make it easier to prepare your tamales.

Tabletop and Glassware: Dress your table and serve your dishes with our wide selection of authentic tabletops, colorful placemats, and glasses for all beverages, so you can give your kitchen and dining table a Mexican style.

Lead Free Clay Cookware: Our clay pots and jugs (cazuelas, ollas y jarras de barro) are an excellent addition that no kitchen should be without, especially if you want that authentic Mexican look besides giving all your dishes a unique flavor. Cazuelas are used to make moles, pipian, soups and stews. Use the Ollas to cook beans and make delicious frijoles de la Olla (Pot Beans). The Clay Water Jug (Botellon de barro) gives your water a unique flavor and keeps it fresh whether youíre indoors or outdoors. Most importantly all of our Clay Cookware is lead free.

Cooktools, and Mexican Ceramics: When it comes to Mexican dishes the right kitchen tools and ceramics will make your cooking a lot easier and fun. At MexGrocer you will find a variety of cooktools such as wooden spoons, chocolate stirrer (molinillo), Aluminum lemon squeezers and many more. Ceramic plates, cups, trays, coffee pot, platter besides being lead free are perfect to dress up your dinner table. They are a beautiful piece of art that is decorative, handy and will fascinate your friends and family.

Cooking Utensils Gift Suggestions: At we offer great gift suggestions for anyone wishing to learn how to cook Mexican meals and is looking for the right utensils to do them with. Pass down the authentic tradition of Mexican cuisine to your friends and family with the Mexican cooking utensils set by La Mexicana. It has everything that is needed to get anyone started in the art of Mexican cooking.

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