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Mexican Snack Cakes Desserts - Pastelitos (Mexican Twinkies)

Snack cakes are baked desserts made with cake and icing, as well as having a creamy or sweet filling. They are made with creative ingredients and come in so many flavors that these sweet confectionary desserts are impossible to resist. Snack cakes are with obvious reason a favorite dessert amongst kids and adults, and are most popular in the United States, Canada and Mexico. After all who can resist a fluffy snack cake dessert with a creamy or fruit filling?

Mexico is known for having some of the most creative and delicious confections, Marinela being one of the most famous brands in the country, that is known for its scrumptious snack cake varieties, cookies and other desserts; the most popular being Gansitos Marinela, Pinguinos, Submarinos and Choco Roles.

MexGrocer proudly brings Mexico’s most delectable desserts right to your door, through Marinela and El Molino’s products. The following list details some of the popular brands of snack cakes you’ll find at

Gansitos Marinela

Gansito Marinela & Submarinos are considered Mexico’s twinkies, since they are quite similar to the American snack cake. Gansitos which in English means “Little Goose” are snack cakes filled with strawberry jelly and cream, and are coated in exquisite chocolate. It’s a great combination of flavors with the right amount of sweetness. Gansitos can also be frozen or put on a stick to resemble a Popsicle for a delicious summer treat. Besides the original Gansitos, there’s a new flavor called “Gansitos Marinela Double Chocolate” that is just as good, but more chocolaty. Submarinos are more similar to Twinkies, since they are spongy yellow snack cakes with a white creamy filling.

Pinguinos Marinela

Pinguiinos are chocolate cupcakes with a creamy white filling. The cupcakes are covered in chocolate icing and with white squiggles on top. Pinguiinos are one of Marinela’s most popular products, and have been a favorite through generations.

Sponch Marinela

Sponch! These delectable sugar cookies have 4 rainbow colored marshmallows that are pink and white, with a soft strawberry and coconut topping. They’re deliciously sweet & irresistible.

Choco Roles Marinela

Choco Roles Marinela is a fun swirly dessert with a scrumptious fruit and cream filling. The most popular flavors are strawberry and pineapple. Another similar product to Choco Roles is Marinela’s “Rollos con Cajeta Coronado” (Rolls with Coronado’s Milk Caramel). It’s a delectable swirl cake dessert with an exquisite milk caramel filling provided by Mexico’s hugest cajeta manufacturer “Coronado”.

Lors Cakes by Marinela

Marinela Lors Cake with Milk is an excellent dessert for chocolate lovers; it’s a chocolate and milk flavored sandwich cookie that is so delicious it’s addictive.

Napolitanos Marinela

Napolitano Marinela is a Napolitano style orange cake with raisins. These tasty cakes have a succulent chocolate topping and white icing that goes great with a glass of milk.

Pasteleria El Molino

El Molino Bakery has a wonderful dessert made from Mexico’s traditional empanadas that are stuffed with sweet piloncillo. This pastry is not overwhelmingly sweet and is the ideal dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You’ll find these and more delicious snack cake desserts at, we strive to bring you the best products from Mexico’s most famous bakeries.

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