Mexican Candy Brands brings Mexicoís leading candy brands right to your door and at the simple click of a button. We offer a wide variety of brands and products that will surely bring you sweet memories of the candies you grew up with. Mexico is known for their delectable confections, primarily spicy & tangy sweets and though some products are more challenging to find than others, proudly brings these delicious concoctions to your door step. We strive to give you a sweet shopping experience, as well as give you easy access to the best candy products in the country. Some popular Mexican candy brand names include: Vero, Pulparindo, Limon 7, Pelon Pelo Rico, Las Sevillanas, Coronado, Sonric's, Rockaleta, De La Rosa, Lucas, Duvalin, Hola, Canel's, Zumba, Adams, Anahuac, Bolitochas, Tama Roca, Ricolino, Lorena, Montes, Laposse and more.

The following list includes top Mexican candy companies, manufacturers and brands.

Dulces Vero: Love sweet candies with a spicy twist Dulces Vero creates the best lollipops and caramels in the country, and they their sweets stand out for their unique flavors, colors, shapes and textures. Vero Mango, Vero Rebanaditas, Vero Elotes and Vero Palerinda are unique shaped lollipops that are mango, watermelon, corn and tamarind shaped, with a delicious chile coating and sweet caramel underneath. For those who prefer sweet instead of spicy candies try Semaforo, Chupadedo, El Chavo and Vero Manita lollipops.

De La Rosa: proudly brings you Mexicoís finest candy manufacturer De La Rosa, who have created some of the most exquisite Mexican sweets. Some of their popular candies include Pulparindo original and extra hot (a soft hot and salted tamarind candy with a hint of sweetness), Mazapan (a powdery circular shaped candy made with sugar and peanuts), Jumbo Cereza (cherry flavored lollipops with a gum center) and Malvavisco (chocolate covered marshmallows).

Lorena: This popular company is also the creator of the famous Pelon Pelo Rico candies. Pelon Pelo Rico is a sweet, spicy and gooey candy that is squeezed through a grate, with flavors like tamarind, mango and chamoy. It also comes in different sizes from mini to big. If you want a soft and gooey candy that isnít spicy Crayola (crayon) is the candy for you, itís like Pelon Pelo Rico except its sweet instead of spicy and comes in two flavors cherry and mango.

Lucas: This popular manufacturer is known for its tangy and spicy treats. Some Lucas candy brands include: Lucas seasoning (spicy and sour seasoning salts for candies and fruits), Lucas Pelucas (gooey tamarind spicy candy that is squeezed through a grate), Lucas Muecas (lollipops with chili powder; chamoy, cucumber, mango and cherry flavors), and Salsaghetti (hot candy straws).

Carlos V: Do you love chocolate Carlos V makes the most exquisite Mexican candy bars and chocolate in Mexico. Their most popular product are the Carlos V milk chocolate bars, which are made from only the finest ingredients, with a soft texture and taste that is not overly sweet; this delicious confection will have you craving for more. Also try Carlos V Dark Night chocolate bars, which have the same high quality taste as the original. Other delicious chocolate products include Carlos V chocolate sticks and snack wafers with chocolate.

Chupa Chups: These delicious lollipops originate from Spain and are very popular in Mexico. Itís like having an ice cream cone on a stick, with its creamy taste and ice cream flavors chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. brings you two delicious varieties of Chupa Chups Cremosa and Calcivita.

Duvalin: This sweet confection is just as its tagline states ďno lo cambio por nadaĒ (I wonít change it for anything). Duvalin is a sweet creamy candy that comes in a combination of different flavors: chocolate & hazelnut, strawberry & hazelnut, strawberry & vanilla.

Canelís: If you enjoy gum then Canelís is the brand for you, with their delicious multi flavored assortment of gum candy. Also try their delicious milk caramel lollipops La Vaquita.

Bubbaloo: Bubbaloo Bubblegum is also a great brand for bubblegum lovers; these unique sweets are different from other candies since they are filled with a sweet fruity liquid that will please your tastebuds.

Bolitochas: Another sweet confection that is sure to please your tongue. These are sweet caramel candies that have a sweet and sour chili filling. Available at in 4 flavors: strawberry, pineapple, watermelon and tamarind.

Coronado & Las Sevillanas: For those Cajeta (milk caramel) lovers Coroando and Las Sevillanas brands are just what you are looking for. These two brands create the most delectable and exquisite milk caramel candies. Tryout their milk caramel lollipops, sandwich wafers, individual dulce de leche packs, chewy caramels and cajeta filled cones.

Sonricís: Brings you delicious Bubble Babies (bubblegum) and the famous Rockaleta lollipops and caramels (sweet caramel coated with chile, with 4 spicy layers underneath plus a gum center).

Ricolino: Is one of the leading chocolate manufacturing companies. With famous products like: Paleta Payaso (a marshmallow lollipop that is covered in chocolate with gummy drops that form a face of a clown), Bocadin (chocolate bars), Bubulubu (a sweet treat that combines a marshmallow & gummy with a delicious chocolate coating), Kranky (chocolate coated flakes), Chutazos (egg nog filled chocolates that are shaped like soccer balls) and Paleton (a marshmallow lollipop coated with chocolate).

Montes: Brings you delectable chewy caramel with various flavors: butterscotch, cajeta, chocolate toffee, pecan and peanut crunch. Donít miss out on Montes Tomy, Cajeta, Ricos Besos, Super Natilla and Damy.

Other popular brands youíll find at are Dulces Anahuac, Hola,Tama-Roca,Diana Dulces, Nutresa, Dulces Karla, Zumba Pica, Dulces Lizeth and Dulces Indy.

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