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Mexican Pastries - Pastry - Pan de Dulce - Bizcochos

Pastries are a signature dessert in Mexico and are also known as Bizcochos, it is a name given to different varieties of buttery flaky pastries and cookies. They are of European origin, but are also quite popular in Mexico and Latin American countries. Bizcochos are sweet and flavorful; they can be plain or covered with either chocolate or sugar, and even have sweet fillings such as: chocolate, cream, milk caramel and dulce de membrillo. strives to bring you the finest pastries in Mexico, from the best brands and bakeries available: Bimbo, El Molino and Galletas Gabi. If you’re craving a sweet concoction this is the place to be. The following list shows all the pastries available at and all at the simple click of a button.


Conchas – Conchas are named after their unique shape, this pastry is molded into the shape of a shell which is the English word for “Concha” and is deliciously coated in sugar (chocolate, yellow or pink). Bimbo makes the most exquisite Conchas in the country “Bimbo Conchas”; their pastries get their unique taste and texture from the ingredients that are put into the dough for the conchas which include butter, eggs and sugar. Be sure to try this sweet dessert with some authentic Mexican hot chocolate: Abuelita Marqueta, Don Gustavo or Ibarra.

Panque (Pound Cake) – Pound cake gets its popular name because it is traditionally made with a pound of each of its four main ingredients: sugar, eggs, butter and flour. Of course this makes a cake too large more than a family can consume, so quantity is changed in bakeries to suit the size of the cake being sold. The Mexican pound cake is quite similar to the traditional U.S. recipe and is commonly made with walnuts and raisins, like Bimbo’s Panque variations: Pecan Pound cake and Raisin Pound Cake. Mexico’s Panques are a delightful treat; this fluffy and sweet dessert is irresistible.

Bunuelos – One of the most delightful desserts you’ll find in Mexico are the famous Bunuelos, especially Bimbo’s Bimbunuelos. Bunuelos are made from yeasted dough and a hint of anise that is deep-fried and covered in syrup made from brown sugar, guava and cinnamon. They are also powdered with sugar and cinnamon. Bimbunuelos are known for their unique wheel like shape and crispy texture, and are sprinkled with sugar.

Doraditas – Bimbo’s Doraditas are a flaky and sweet pastry, with a delicious texture and sugary taste. It’s an irresistible treat that is loved by kids and adults, and can be accompanied with café con leche, hot chocolate or milk.

Mantecadas – Mini Mantecadas are soft and spongy Muffins with a sweet and exquisite vanilla flavor that is impossible to resist. You will surely enjoy each bite of Bimbo’s mantecadas. Have them with a refreshing glass of cold milk, hot chocolate or coffee.

Orejas de Hojaldre (Feite or Palmiers) – Bimbo’s Orejas de Hojaldre is known for their sweet and buttery flavor; and are made with different layers of butter, dough and sugar. It’s an ideal treat to have with a glass of milk or steaming coffee.

Gabi Galletas

Gabi Mini Palmier Puff Pastry – Gabi’s Mini Palmiers are cookies made from sheets of puff pastry that are folded to resemble palm leaves and are rolled in sugar to give them their authentic sweet taste.

El Molino

Puerquitos (Piglets) – Puerquitos are delicious gingerbread cookies that are shaped into piglets, which is where they get their famous name “Puerquitos” which means Piglets in Spanish. They have a unique flavor and a golden brown color thanks to the exquisite ingredients that go into these cookies, which include: molasses, sugar and milk. They’re an irresistible treat for both kids and adults; it’s like eating a gingerbread man cookie except these are shaped like piglets.

Coricos de Maiz – These corn flour cookies are very popular in the northwestern states of Mexico, particularly Baja California. They are shaped like donuts and have a sweet sugary flavor that goes great with milk and coffee.

Galletas de Naranja – It is Spanish for “Orange cookies” and just as the name suggests, this delicious treat has a sweet orange flavor that is so good you’ll be having more than one. You can accompany them with a cup of coffee or a cold glass of milk.

Rosca de Reyes – Bring the magic of Christmas with El Molino’s Three Kings Cake. This dessert is an essential part of Christmas time, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ our savior. This delicious dessert is made with honey, eggs, nuts, flour and dried fruits, giving it a sweet and fruity taste that is so good you’ll be craving more. The tradition of the Three Kings Cake consists in finding the doll that is hidden within the bread, the doll represents the baby Jesus and whoever finds it has to host a party on the 2nd of February (Dia de la Candelaria).

Pan de Muerto - Mexican Bread of the Dead by EL MOLINO - Large Mexican Day of the Dead Bread ready to eat. The tradition of eating this sweet bread is on November 2 or Dia de Muertos.

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