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Chips & Peanuts are an essential part of BBQs and sports parties, as well as being an excellent every day snack. After all what would the Superbowl be if it lacked potato chips, peanuts and dip Chips are also a great complement for sandwiches, especially in Mexico where it is essential to have potato chips with your tortas. As well as being tasty snacks for your kids lunches.

When it comes to potato chips there are so many different varieties and flavors out there for all taste buds. There are tortilla chips, salty, lemony, barbecue or spicy potato chips, with different intensities of heat and tanginess, for those who love spicy snacks or those who favor a milder treat. proudly gives you access to Mexico's most popular snack brands, some include: Frito Lay, Fritos, Lays, Sabritas, Doritos, Tostitos, Takis, Barcel, Cheetos, Ruffles and Samai Plantains and Yuccas.

The following is a comprehensive list with some of the snack products is proud to bring to your door.

Snacks & Chips

Lays one of the most popular and delicious brands on the market, Lays is always reinventing itself with new & delicious flavors. Some of the varieties you'll find at are Limon flavored potato chips for those who love a tangy lemony snack, Flamin' Hot and Chile Limon for a delicious mixture of both lemon and spice.

Fritos the corn chips from this brand are delicious and ideal for dips, since Fritos have an unusual scooper shape that makes dipping chips so much easier and fun. If you want heat in your mouth try Frito's Flamin Hot Corn Chips, Fritos Tapatio hot sauce flavored and if you dont know what flavor to try there's the fun Frito Lay Bold Mix that also includes Cheetos, Doritos and Funyuns.

Sabritas As the popular tag line of the product states you can't have just one because Sabritas chips are finger licking good. Mexico's beloved brand has an authentic variety of chips and snacks including: Sabritones puffed wheat snacks, Rancheritos spicy corn chips, Sabritas Chile Piquin potato chips, Turbos Flamas corn snacks and Sabritas Habanero Limon potato chips.

Doritos known for its authentic cheesy flavors Doritos are one of America's favorite brands. Some flavors you'll find at are: Doritos Fiery Habanero, Salsa Verde Tortilla Chips, Tapatio hot sauce flavored, Doritos Collisions Cheesy Enchilada & Sour Cream tortilla chips, Spicy Nachos flavored tortilla chips, Spicy Sweet Chili tortilla chips and Toro Habanero tortilla chips.

Cheetos & Chesters If you love cheesy snacks Cheetos and Chester's brands are just what you are looking for, with spicy and cheesy flavors you won't be able to resist such as: Cheetos Flamin Hot Limon Crunchy, Chesters Fries Flamin Hot, Cheetos Flamin Hot Crunchy, Cheetos Xtra Flamin Hot Cruncy, Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno crunchy, Cheetos Flamin hot puffs, Chesters Puffcorn Flamin Hot, Cheetos Torciditos Salsa Roja snacks and Cheetos Wild Habanero Crunchy.

Ruffles Just like Fritos, Ruffles are ideal for dips because of their thick texture and popular ridges, and along with their original flavors they have become a favorite snack across America. Some delicious Ruffles products you'll find at are: Queso Potato Chips, Tapatio Limon Flavored and Ruffles Queso Jalapeno.

Barcel Snacks are widely known for their crunchy rolled tortilla snacks that have a zesty, lemon and spicy flavor that is irresistible for any tongue. Some Barcel products include: Fuego Chili Pepper and Lime, Fuego Hot Chile Pepper and Lemon, Nitro Habanero and Lime, Salsa Brava Hot Sauce, Crunchy Fajita, Fuego Hot Chili Pepper and Lime, Crunchy Fajita Taco Flavored and Takis Guacamole. There are also the popular chile and limon Chicha-Rones, Churritos and Toreadas potato chips.

Tostitos the popular tortilla chips that everyone loves enjoy a party, BBQ or sports event with Tostitos. Popular flavors include: Natural Blue Restaurant Style, Scoops, Blue Corn, and White Corn with a hint of lime, Salsa Verde and Scoops with a hint of jalapeno.

MAKANA Peanuts MAKANA Dry Roasted Japanese Peanuts are a very popular and tasty snack, the peanuts are covered in wheat flour flavored with soy sauce and spices. The MAKANA brand is made with the original recipe of Mr. Yoshigei Nakatani an immigrant of Japan who started to manufacture this product in 1945 at La Merced Public Grocery Market in Mexico City.


What are chips without a dip, salsa or spread to accompany them with; offers the finest selection of dips and spreads so you can enjoy your favorite snacks while enhancing their flavors. A few brands include: Fritos Cream Spinach, Creamy Southwestern Ranch Dip, Chunky Salsa, Fritos Southwest Enchilada Black Bean Dip, Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Dip, Hot Bean Dip with Jalapeno Peppers, French Onion Dip, Lays Smooth Ranch Dip, Heavenly Baked Potato Dip, Herdez Salsa Casera, Sabores Aztecas Chipotle and Cheese Dip, Bean Dip with Jalapeno and Zaaschila guacamole and chipotle spreads.

Dry Snacks

Other popular snacks you'll find at are delicious fruit snacks like Chili Mangos, Mixed Fruit Compote, salted plums (saladitos) as well as delicious spicy churritos, chili lima and garbanzo beans, chili, habanero, garlic, onion and lemon pistachios, roasted salted pumpkin seeds, pepitas and a scrumptious selection of peanuts including Hot Cajun Trail mix, Gourmet Mix Nuts, hot and spicy, butter toffee, and Japanese. Also be sure to try the crunchy plantain chips from Mariquitas, Goya and Samai.

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