Mexican Fresh Produce and Chile Peppers

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Fresh Mexican Produce

We only ship refrigerated products from Monday thru Wednesday so they don't travel during weekends.

Fresh Mexican Produce of the highest quality fresh-cut produce on a national basis. Its valued associates are innovative and driven to exceed the expectations of its customers and consumers.

You usually go to the grocery store to buy fresh chiles and produce, but sometimes the store is out of the chiles or produce you are looking for. is proud to bring you a selection of the best chiles and produce from ready pac, so you can buy whatever you need to fill your recipes, at the comfort of your own home, without having to wait in long lines and at affordable prices, so you can make delectable meals and salsas.

Ready Pac produce is ready to eat from the package, they contain no preservatives and their unique packaging and processing provides you with premium quality.

Make delicious Chiles Rellenos with fresh chiles poblanos or make delicious green salsa with the Green tomatillos for scrumptious chilaquiles, pork or beef with green salsa, enchiladas or salsa.

You like it hot and spicy Fresh orange habaneros from ready pac, make delicious fiery salsas and adds fire to any dishes that need a kick. The orange habanero is at least 50 times hotter than the jalapeno with a distinctively sweet, tropical fruity flavor and an apricot aroma. Make a spicy rub for pork by adding diced habanero to achiote paste, for a spicy dip combine tomatoes, diced habaneros and roasted pureed pumpkin seeds, or toss habaneros with garlic and tomato for a salsa. Make a fiery chili by adding habaneros to beans, tomato, and onions into sauted beef.

For a milder taste make zesty Nachos by dicing fresh Jalepenos. Chop peppers, cilantro and tomatoes; combine them to create a delicious salsa. You may also want to add fresh diced jalapeno to couscous, chili, cornbread and sauted corn and beans and many more dishes. You may also add it to sweet desserts like apple dutch baby. Combine diced jalapenos with spices, tomatoes, garlic, sugar and cook all into a delicious jam. Give meals a mild heat by adding jalapenos. When green, jalapenos offer a distinctive vegetable flavor; when ripe and red, their flavor is slightly sweeter.

Thai chile pepper is a rough skinned, thin green, long and narrow pepper with a pointed end. Typical of Thai cuisine, this extremely hot chile has a strong, lingering heat. Roast and fry them together with garlic, fish sauce and sugar, then toss with clams and finish with Thai basil. You can also pound together the thai chile, ginger, garlic, coconut and curry leaves, to make a paste to flavor sweet potatoes. Fresh Thai can be added to a roasted chicken, by combining it with sugar, lime juice, fish sauce, carrots and cabbage. Give a spicy zest to rice noodles and stir-fried vegetables by combining them with diced thai chiles.

Fresh Banana wax chiles are a very mild chile, its gentle flavor is somewhat fruity and sweet. The hot form of this chile is known as Hungarian wax. Puree diced peppers and cook with prepared mustard, sugar, honey and vinegar for a spicy condiment.

Chilaca chiles are twisted or flattened, slightly curved, long and thin. Due to their warm flavor these peppers are rarely eaten fresh and are more commonly dried. The dried form of these peppers are referred to as pasilla or chile negro. Chile Chilaca is mostly used in Mexico City, they get charred, seeded, peeled and shredded. They are used to make tamales, soups, vegetable dishes, tomato sauces and many other sauces.

Chile pasilla is the chile chilaca in its dried form. Soak, simmer, and blend pasillas into a table sauce. Toast and crumble or add to cooked sauces. Pasilla chiles are used in casseroles, soups, to prepare the beef for tamales and stews. It is the classic chile for the traditional red mole. Use pasilla as complementary to seafood. Dry it and grind into a powder to make a spice rub or add to dishes.

Fresh yellow chile peppers offer a mild peppery flavor with a gentle heat. Use this chile pepper to make pickles or add mild warmth to sauces, relishes, soups, stews, casseroles, meat and poultry dishes or sauted vegetables. Fresh yellow peppers are perfect for stuffing with any type of filling.

Mexican key limes have strong acidic well-balanced tangy-tart flavor and abundance of flavorful juice. Mexican limes add refreshing tart-sweet flavor to sherbet, freezer cakes, fruit punch, numerous beverages and cocktails, and of course, there is the famous lime pie, everyone's favorite. A must lime for margaritas. Citrus coaxes the flavors out of delicious meats and complements delicate seafood and fowl entrees. Use to make delicious limeade for a refreshing drink.

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