Mexican Cooking Utensils Gift Suggestions

Find the ideal gift for your loved ones through our wonderful Kitchen Utensils Gift Suggestions list.

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Dont know what to give to those aspiring chefs and food lovers? proudly brings you some excellent gift ideas at a range of prices that are economical and fit any budget. These utensils are really useful to have in the kitchen and will make your cooking experience so much simpler and fun. Some of the Gift ideas you?ll find below are traditional kitchen tools that can be found in almost every Mexican kitchen. These tools have histories that date back to the ancient Mesoamerican people of Mexico and that have been essential Kitchen utensils, that provide unique flavors and textures to food.


It can take some work to actually make some fresh homemade tortillas from scratch, but with the right tools you?re guaranteed a smooth and fun process. The Tortilla Lovers Gift Pack is the ideal package to help your loved ones or yourself get started with the process of tortilla making. The package has 5 essential items that will get you on your way to preparing authentic Mexican tortillas. Is there anything that tastes better than a hot and fresh homemade tortilla? This package includes 1 instant Maseca masa mix because you can?t make a tortilla without the dough and Maseca is the perfect brand for that, 1 tortilla press so you can easily shape your balls of masa into perfect circular tortillas and not spend hours tirelessly shaping the dough with your hands, 1 comal so you can heat that dough into those perfect hot tortillas you are craving and 1 Tortilla Lovers cookbook so you begin creating a delicious variety of tortilla based dishes.

If you prefer to get these items separately then we have a wide selection of high quality cast iron griddles (comales) in different sizes and tortilla pressers (wood or cast iron) by La Mexicana. Of course the purpose of making homemade tortillas is to savor them straight from the stove when they are fresh and warm, in order to keep them that way it is vital to have a good tortilla warmer to place them in and keep them just as you took them off from the griddle. has an excellent variety of tortilla warmers from La Mexicana and La Tortilla Oven for you to choose from: fabric, painted wicker or palm basket (sombrero shaped).


Tamales are laborious to prepare although the outcome is well worth the work but you can create delicious tamales with less labor if you have the right tools to make them with. Our gift packages are sure to make the process of preparing Tamales (from scratch) a smooth, easy and fun experience that chefs, food lovers and whole families can enjoy making. has two tamale gift packs for you to choose from: Mexican Tamale Lovers Gift Pack and Mexican Tamales Making Kit that will get you on your way to creating deliciously homemade tamales. Both gift packages include 1 tamales masa mix from Maseca which is a vital ingredient since tamales cannot be done without the masa, 1 bag of corn husks where the tamales will be prepared, 1 masa spreader by Mex-Sales that will ease the preparation and spreading of the masa onto the corn husks, 1 bag of dry chile peppers from Corona Real and 1 Herdez green salsa to give that needed flavor to your tamales and 1 aluminum tamale steamer where your tamales will be steamed and cooked in.


Pottery is highly popular in Mexico and almost every kitchen uses and is decorated with these utensils. Clay cookware stands out from modern cookware because the clay that is used to make them gives every dish a unique and earthy flavor that cannot otherwise be achieved with a metal pot or pan. Choose from our vast variety of Clay Pottery products from La Mexicana: Ollas de Barro (clay pots), Cazuelas (casserole dishes), botellones de barro (clay water jugs) and clay dishes.


Also known as a Mortar and Pestle is an essential tool that dates back to the ancient Aztecs. The pestle and the mortar which is a large bowl made from stone are used to grind chiles, herbs and spices for food preparation. Also the stone enhances the flavor of the foods being grinded, which gives a dish a real authentic and earthy flavor. If you?re looking for an excellent grinding kitchen tool ?Molcajetes? are the ideal kitchen utensil. We have 3 molcajete products for you to choose, from popular brands Mi Viejita and La Mexicana, pick from either black stone, lava stone or a unique pig shaped molcajete.

For more gift ideas try our La Cocinera Mexican Food Cooking Utensil gift package that has 3 essential kitchen tools that must be included in every Mexican kitchen. This package comes with a molcajete to grind your chiles, herbs and spices, 1 tortilla press to flatten the masa you use for your tortillas and a griddle (comal) so you can heat the tortillas you have shaped on your tortilla press or blister chiles. We recommend our colorful Mexican handbags that are ideal for those quick trips to the market and can also be used to decorate your kitchen. These market handbags have unique colors and designs that will make you look fashionable as you shop at the market, and are durable so you can carry all your items with ease and confidence.

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