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Learn more about Tortillas and Tortilla Presses or Tortilladoras

Traditionally corn tortillas were made by hand, Aztec women made the Tlaxcalli (Nahuatl word for Tortillas) by flattening the balls of fresh dough by patting the dough back and forth between their hands until they created a perfect, round, thin flat bread (tortilla). Another method for flattening the dough was to flatten it on a banana leaf, turning it with one hand and patting the dough with the other until a nice round tortilla is formed. In some places, and restaurants tortillas are still being made by hand, but to make tortilla making easier, Tortilla presses are now used, or you can buy your tortillas already made and ready to eat from the local tortilla factory.

A Tortilla press is a mechanical contraption used to make tortillas. Its also known as Tortilladora or Prensa para tortillas and it can either be metal or wooden. It has a base, top and handle used to make the corn tortillas, by placing the ball of dough in the center of the press, apply pressure and the dough is flattened into a perfect, round flat tortilla. Metal presses are used to make corn tortillas only, Flour tortillas are normally rolled thin with a wood rolling pin. brings you a selection of tortilla presses so if you love tortillas, but dont have the time and you dont want to slave yourself in the kitchen trying to flatten them by hand to try and make them perfect, then what you need an efficient and sturdy tortilla press to make incredible and perfectly round tortillas to accompany your Mexican dishes. To make tortilla making at home a fun and wonderful experience use an authentic cast iron, pine wood, mesquite tortilla press and tortilla press machine and they are all available right here at

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Use La Mexicana cast iron tortilla press, made out of light cast iron for making fresh and delicious tortillas. All you have to do is insert small balls of masa (dough) between the two metal plates and with applying pressure to the handle of the press you have a fresh, perfectly round tortilla. Remove it carefully and place on a comal (skillet) for a wonderful freshly made home tortilla. If you are making tortillas frequently or in a daily basis, a cast iron is an excellent option. The advantage of a cast iron press is the weight and leverage, which makes your tortilla pressing job a lot easier. This type of tortilla press is used for corn tortillas only. To make flour tortillas make sure to use a wooden rolling pin. The tortilla presses available here at are of the highest quality and they have been prepared to use for a prolonged use.

Wooden Tortilla Presses

Wooden presses are still used in Mexico, and MexGrocer offers you two kinds of Tortilla presses: Mezquite wood and pine wood. The Mezquite wooden tortilla press is made of sturdy heavier wood, and its heavier than the pine wood press. The large press area allows you to make larger corn tortillas than normal; its easy to clean and doesn't absorb or get stained. Make authentic and great tasting Mexican tortillas using our Pine Wooden Tortilla Press. Its a 100% made out of natural pine, compact and unique wooden press. Its sturdy and durable so you can put in on your patio, take it with you to a barbecue, the beach, or outdoor event. The pine wooden press features a sturdy well built base with a long pine wooden handle that when pressed will create the most delectable and perfectly round flattened tortillas. With the Pine Wooden press or Prensa de Pino its so easy to make tortillas, just take a small ball of dough, place it between the wooden plates, and then apply pressure to the wooden handle and presto! You will be making perfect tortillas all the time. Give your kitchen decor an authentic home style tradition with our Pine Wooden Tortilla press.

Other Tortilla Presses

If you dont want a heavy tortilla press, then La Mexicana hard plastic tortilla press is for you. It is made out of light cast iron and is 6.5" in diameter. It will aid you in making tortillas without a hassle. For business and Mexican food restaurants the Monarca Tortilla Press is a must. It is built of cast aluminum. The perfect cooking tool to make tortillas using masa dough, just put the masa dough balls in the middle rollers, turn the handle rotation and it rolls the tortillas out, then you place the uncooked corn tortillas in a hot comal or griddle to cook. You can adjust the thickness of the tortillas manually as needed in your Tortilla roller press. If you want even more delicious hand made tortillas at your Mexican food restaurant, the masa (dough) is very important, so to give your tortillas an authentic Mexican flavor make your own masa by grinding corn with Herraduras Corn Mill Molino de Granos de Maiz marca Herradura.

Is there anything that tastes better than a hot, homemade tortilla We don't think so. Give yourself, your friends, family or the aspiring chef on your gift list the gift of tortilla making with any of the two gift packs MexGrocer has for you; choose from the Tortilla lovers gift pack and La Cocinera Mexican food cooking utensils. The Tortilla lovers pack includes Maseca masa mix, tortilla press (tortillero) and 17" comal. With the enclosed Tortilla Lovers Cookbook you'll be able to make an array of innovative and delicious tortilla-based dishes. To keep your tortillas fresh and warm, it includes a styrofoam tortilla warmer. The La Cocinera Mexican food cooking utensils pack includes a molcajete to grind their own chiles and make their own salsa. As well as a tortilla press (tortillero) to flatten the masa to make tortillas and a large comal or griddle used to make tortillas and blister chiles.

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