Saladitos - Salted Plums / Apricots / Chabacano

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Saladitos - Salted Plums / Apricots (Chabacano)

Saladitos are dried plums that have a juicy sweet and sour taste. Plums are a healthy fruit and have many health benefits; they are known to have several antioxidants as well as producing a laxative effect that makes them a natural diuretic. This fruit helps to regulate the function of the digestive system, making it a great remedy against constipation.

Dried plums are used as a snack called “Saladitos” and are very popular in Mexico and China. In Mandarin Chinese the name for saladitos is known as “Suan-Mei” that literally translates to “sour plum” which describes its tangy flavor. Though saladitos originate from China, they are considered a candy in Mexico and are very popular at that. There are various flavors available in both markets; spicy, salty, ginseng and cream being some of the most common varieties. In Mexico dried plums and apricots are the most common types of dried fruit snacks sold in the country; they come in a variety of textures and flavorings such as being coated in chile and lime or sweetened with anise and sugar, as well as being dipped into mouthwatering tangy and spicy sauces. A common way to eat the candy is to suck the juice from the bag and then eat the saladitos, though it can also be done the other way around and leave the juice last which can be poured onto other fruits. Saladitos are also added into lollipops, can be eaten with oranges or eaten while drinking a beer.

HOLA and Que Rico Candy are two of the most popular “saladito” brands in the country with over 9 different flavors of salted plums and apricots including: plums coated in chile or dipped in strawberry, orange and sweet n’ sour sauces, as well as apricots in chamoy sauce. Also available are dried and fresh plums and apricots.

These addictive snacks have a sweet, sour and spicy taste that is both mouthwatering and irresistible; you’ll be craving for more! They can be eaten anywhere and are a satisfying treat that has just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your taste buds. So grab a bag of HOLA salted plums or apricots and enjoy their sweet and tangy taste, the best part is eating the sour sauce at the end. You’re mouth is probably watering already. So what are you waiting for? Check’s delicious varieties and purchase a bag of HOLA or Que Rico Candy and enjoy this deliciously authentic Mexican candy. They have such a unique taste its no wonder why they are one of Mexico’s most beloved candies, try one today and enjoy the tangy flavor experience of a saladito (dried plum).

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