Bubbaloo Bubblegum - and Adams brand by Cadbury / Mondelez International

Adams - BubbalooBubbaloo and ADAMS brand from Mondelez International, was the first bubblegum with a liquid centre and made its debut in Central and South American markets in the mid-1980s. Today, Bubbaloo is sold in more than 25 countries and in three different continents across the world.

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Bubbaloo is a brand of chewing gum that consists of small pieces of gum with a gooey and sweet liquid center. This candy was the first to have a liquid centre and made its debut in the confectionary industry in Mexican and Brazilian markets in the mid-1980s. Today Bubbaloo is widely distributed among more then 25 countries and in three different continents around the world. Bubbaloo is the most popular and recognized brand in Mexico and Brazil, it is an iconic candy that is the number one sweet for kids, teenagers and adults who love the combination of fruity flavors, colors and sweet textures with a gooey centre. Bubba the Cat is the iconic logo and corporate image of the brand and is known for being creative, authentic and ingenious.

Bubbaloo a part of Cadbury Adams, now Mondelez International.

Cadbury Adams was born due to the acquaintance of two men: a Mexican and a New Yorker. It was a meeting that would greatly impact the chewing gum industry we know today. One of these men was Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (conqueror of the Alamo) and president of Mexico several times, the other man was a young photographer named Thomas Adams.

Santa Anna was living on Staten Island with Adams due to his being exiled for his country, and during his stay he suggested Adams should create a formula for carriage tires by experimenting with gum (chicle), that soft and chewy substance that people in Mexico had been extracting and eating from the sapota trees for years. Thomas Adams listened to his advice and began experimenting with his son, after a year they deemed the project a failure and the gum sat in their warehouse until a little girl inspired them to created the sweet concoction you know of today. She asked him for chewing gum in the drug store, so Adams thought he could make chewing gum out of the chicle in his warehouse and salvage the lot he had in storage. His son Adams Jr. helped him put together several boxes of the unflavored gum which he called: New York No. 1.

Adams first received a chewing gum machine patent in 1871 which enabled him to mass produce his edible chewing gum and so he began selling them in drug stores for only a penny a piece. He founded his company Adams Sons and Co in 1876 and relocated to a larger factory in Manhattan.

A new version of the chewing gum that served as a digestive aid was created in 1879 by an Ohio physician named Dr. Edward E. Beeman called Pepsin Powder. Flavor was not added to gum until 1880 when William J. White discovered a way to add and preserve flavor in gum by combining flavors with corn syrup, and so he produced a peppermint flavored gum called Yucatan. Four yrs later a new licorice flavored gum was introduced under the name of Black Jack and became widely successful during that time. Other gum brands that were invented under the Adams brand are: Dentyne, Chiclets, Trident, Bubblicious, Bubbaloo, Cinn-A-Burst and much more. Adams was acquired by Cadbury Schweppes in 2002 and became a top confectionary worldwide under the name of Cadbury Adams. In 2010 Cadbury became a part of Kraft Foods, and in October 2012 Kraft Foods change name to Mondelez International.


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