Canned Foods from Mexico

Canned Foods from Mexico

Canned Mexican Food is the answer and perfect solution for your cravings, since they are delicious, convenient, and at your hands reach right there when you want and need it. Mexican food is the most powerful and not to mention most delicious food that could ever be put in a can and is sold right here at Canned Foods will last longer in your pantry so you can store it and use it when ever you want to. They don’t taste like canned food, they taste like Mexican food made fresh right in your kitchen. At MexGrocer you can find various and delicious types of Canned Foods from Mexico, excellent to have in your pantry for any occasion, and with such a varied selection it’s understandable if you only want to eat canned food every day for every meal.

Canned Beans

Canned Beans – Pinto, Black and Refried Beans - Accompany your enchiladas, tacos, tamales and eggs for breakfast, or make delicious sopes, rice with beans, tlacoyos, huaraches, burritos, or tostadas with some delicious refried, black or pinto beans. MexGrocer brings you the best brands of canned beans to choose from, with their delicious flavor and quality they will save you in any occasion. La Costena, Chata, Mexicali, Ducal, Rosarita, Sun Vista, Goya, Wholly Frijoles, Bean Lovers, Knorr, Mexicali Rose Instant Refried beans are the best for every meal in no time and to turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary meal.

Prepared Mexican Meals: Pozole, Albondigas and Hominy

Hominy, Pozole and Albondigas – Prepare your own home made menudo and pozole with Juanita's and Teasdale Hominy! Menudo is not your thing, but you’re in the mood for some authentic pozole, or albondigas (meat balls)? Not to worry, MexGrocer brings you the best in pozole, and albondigas, so it will be like eating at a Mexican restaurant with Juanitas and Teasdale canned pozole and albondigas! Just open, heat, and enjoy! Don’t forget to prepare your pozole by adding lemon, and onion! Accompany both albondigas and pozole with warm, fluffy, tortillas for a complete meal! You’ll also find other types of Mexican stews like Juanitas chile Colorado (beef and red chile sauce), Juanitas Chile verde (pork and green chile sauce), Juanitas cocido de res (beef and vegetable stew), and Juanitas caldo de pollo (chicken and vegetable stew). For a delicious appetizer or to add them to your salads, Mexgrocer brings you Champinones en escabeche (marinated mushrooms) by Herdez. To prepare the world famous quesadillas con huitlacoche, try San Miguel huitlacoche!


Menudo – Mexican Beef Tripe Soup (Stew) – Want something warm and delectable? Try Menudo! It is said to cure hangovers, Menudo is a stew made with hominy, tripe, onion and spices, eaten with warm tortillas. MexGrocer offers you the best Menudo with and without tripe, as well as hot and spicy from Juanitas and Pico Pica. So open a can and enjoy!


Nopales – Nopalitos – The tender cactus can be prepared in many ways, becoming a very tasty vegetarian dish. In Mexico it’s eaten during the Lent season, according to the Catholic Church tradition because meat cannot be eaten, and because Nopalitos are cheaper to buy than fish. Among the main recipes of Nopalitos during Lent it’s customary to have: nopales salad, soup, nopalitos egg omelette, and other delicious dishes from Mexican food. Make your own nopalitos at home with Dona Maria, Embasa and La Costena nopalitos! They are not only tasty but healthy!

Canned Tomatillos

Tomatillos – Used to make Salsa Verde, green sauce and other tomatillo dishes. MexGrocer brings you Embasa and La Costena tomatillos, whole tomatillos and crushed tomatillos so you can prepare your own Salsa verde (green sauce) to pour over tacos, tostadas, sopes and make delicious dishes like enchiladas, chilaquiles, tamales, and chicharron en salsa verde, and many more. Pour La Victoria taco salsa over your tacos, tostadas, tamales, on your quesadillas and sopes for a delicious spicy flavor!

Canned Fruits

Fruits & Other Foods – To Make delicious desserts or eat them right out of the can try MexGrocer’s canned Guavas, Papaya, Mango, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Tropical Mix Fruits and whole lyches by Herdez, San Miguel, and Roland. For a delicious appetizer or to add them to your salads, Mexgrocer brings you Champinones en escabeche (marinated mushrooms) by Herdez and Monteblanco when available. To prepare the world famous quesadillas con huitlacoche and Flor de Calabaza Goya. You like snacking on pickled or jarred foods? MexGrocer has the best pickled snacks like nopalitos, pork hocks, feet, and rinds by San Miguel, Hormel, La Joya and El Mexicano. To accompany your salads, or make dishes with them try sweet peeled pimentos and elotitos (baby corn) by Roland. Make delicious soups, stews and salads with Sun Vista mixed vegetables.

Milk Products

Milk Products: Make the sweetest confections, desserts and beverages with MexGrocer’s high quality products, from famous brands like Nestle, Coronado and Lala; with products like La Lechera, Nido, Cerelac Wheat Cereal, Nescafe & Nestum. Also try our exquisite selection of Coronado’s liquid milk caramel (cajeta). As well as LALA milk different varieties. Don’t miss out on our Mexican Food Sweet ‘n Delicious Gift pack that contains 7 items for those dessert lovers who want to create and savor the most delectable desserts and sweets, this pack is a must! Contains 3 types of flan, a caramel custard, a can of guavas, liquid milk caramel (dulce de leche), Gansitos Marinela, cookies, churros and Carlos V chocolate Bars. If you want a dessert ready to eat try Chongos Zamoranos from Tres Reyes! The most delectable Mexican dessert! Just open and serve! Makes a wonderful dessert to serve your guests, they’ll love them.

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