Ducal Refried Beans from Guatemala

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The Ducal trademark is a Guatemalan company known for a being a product of good taste and confidence that offers products of the most excellent quality and tradition for more than 40 years. Ducal manufactures processed foods and non-carbonated beverages of the highest quality. It also processes juices, fruit nectars, tomato products (ketchup, sauces, purees and pastas), refried beans and mix vegetables (corn, peas). Their products are distributed in Central America, and Ducal beans are exported and distributed to all Hispanic markets in the United States by Goya Foods Inc. Ducal offers incredible flavor to your home. Products include: Refried black and red beans, whole beans, and a variety of Black beans: with cheese, cobanero chile, chile jalapeno, and red beans with chorizo. Ducal Beans from Guatemala are imported to the USA by Goya Foods.

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