Ducal Refried Red Beans - 29 oz

Ducal Refried Red Beans
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Ducal's Red Refried Beans are the best in quality, and are cooked and seasoned to provide easier preparation for this delicious companion of many popular Mexican foods such as tostadas, sopes, huaraches, enchiladas, eggs and many other traditional dishes. Just heat the can in a water bath for 10 minutes or fry as desired. If you do not use all the product, imediately store it in a clean container and keep it under refrigeration.Ingredients: water, red beans, vegetable oil, salt, onion and garlic


Los Frijoles Rojos Volteados Ducal son los mejores en calidad, vienen ya cocidos y sazonados para facilitar la preparcion de este delicioso acompanante de los mas populares platillos Mexicanos como las tostadas, sopes, huaraches, enchiladas, tacos, huevos y otras recetas tradicionales. Solo calienta la lata en bano maria por 10 minutos o freir su contenido al gusto. Si no consume todo el producto, transfiera el resto a otro recipiente y mantengalo en refrigeracion. Ingredientes: agua, frijol rojo, aceite vegetal, sal, cebolla y ajo.


Ducal Refried Red Beans

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