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Mexican Chamoy Candies and Sauces

Chamoy is a savory sauce famous in Mexican cuisine, made from pickled fruit like mango, apricot or plum, and made with salt, water, vinegar, chili, and sugar. The origins of Chamoy are unknown, but it’s believed to be a Mexican adaptation of the Japanese Umeboshi. In place of the Ume fruit of which the Umeboshi is made, Mexican Chamoy is made using plum, apricot, or mango as a base fruit. Chamoy is prepared by packing the fruit in either dry salt or brine. Occasionally this brine is acidulated with vinegar, drawing out the natural moisture of the fruit. Saladitos “dried salted plums” are the result of the fruit becoming sufficiently dried and separated from the brine. The resulting salted brine is then seasoned with chile powder, becoming the famous and delicious Chamoy. The Chamoy can also be thickened or further reduced adding pureed fruit to achieve a variety of consistencies. Chamoy ranges from a liquid consistency, to powder and paste used to cover fruits. Its flavor can be sweet, sour, salty and spiced with powdered chiles. The differences of the type of fruit chosen, as well as the composition of the brining solutions used; play a big part in chamoy’s different flavors. Due to the saltiness of the brine and the spiciness of the chile powder, chamoy can be quite spicy and savory, or even sour or sweet depending on whether and how much vinegar was used. Contrary to public belief, chamoy is quite healthy as it contains a good balance of minerals, proteins, fiber and carbohydrates so don’t feel guilty about eating an apple with chamoy.

Chamoy can be compared to hot sauce, because you can eat it all the time and pour it over anything you like. It’s very famous because you can use it to make many spicy desserts, beverages and snacks. There are various versions of Mexican Chamoy sold by various different brands in Mexico and is proud to bring them to you. The thin liquid chamoy is commonly bottled like hot sauces; some brands include: Amor Salsa Chamoy Sauce, Tajin Mild Chamoy Hot Sauce, Salsa Chamoy Liquida – HOLA – Spicy Apricot Sauce Dressing, Chamoy Bokados, El Chilerito Chamoy and Amor Chamoy by Castillo. Because these sauces have a delicious combination of salt, sweetness and heat, you can pour them on fresh fruit like mango, orange, apple, jicama, cucumber, nectarines, melon, and watermelon for a sweet and spicy treat. Also be bold and pour it on snacks like peanuts and potato chips for a delicious flavor. Pouring Chamoy on fruit is the most delicious snack you can ever have, but how about covering an apple in a delicious sweet, salty and spicy layer of chamoy You can now, with Zumba Pica Forritos Chamoy, that will take eating fruits with chamoy to a whole new level. Use to eat them at home or at your next party for an appetizer your guests will love. Other goodies made with chamoy or are chamoy flavored are candies like Lucas Gusano Dulce de Chamoy - Mexican Liquid Candy, Miguelito, Lucas Salsagheti Gusanos Sandia – Hot Mexican Candy Straws, Lucas Skwinkles Chamoy Clasicos Mexican Candy, Lucas Baby sabor Chamoy, Lucas Muecas – Lollipop with Chili Powder – Chamoy, Lucas Panzon – Watermelon hard candy and Chamoy liquid candy, Zumba Pica Tilico Mix Tamarindo & Mango and Pelon Pelo Rico Chamoy: a spicy, sour and soft candy, with a delicious chamoy flavor to satisfy your craving. This tasty treat is squeezed out of a tube through a grate giving a spaghetti or hair like effect.

But snacking is not the only way to enjoy chamoy, you can also enjoy it on a hot summer day as a flavoring for frozen spicy desserts such as Raspados; a unique and delicious combination that is sweet, spicy, salty and cold all at once. This type of raspado or ice cone is called Chamoyada. You can also find Chamoy flavored popsicles for an unforgettable tasty treat. Flavors of popsicles and raspados include orange, mango, lime, tamarind, tangerine, cucumber, lime, watermelon and pineapple. Another ice cold treat you can make using the delicious chamoy are Mangoneadas; resembling an Icee this one is mango flavored with shaved ice, chile powder and the delicious chamoy. Also you can add chamoy to your drinks like beer to make the famous drink chamoyada, although there are different versions of it. Mix Chamoy with drinks like margaritas, daiquiris, cocktails and even martinis. Chamoy is so versatile you can add it to everything and it will taste really good. You’ll be surprised what concoctions you can make with chamoy. The hot and sweet taste of chamoy will get you hooked! Make sure to try Chamoy Rojo – Saladulces HOLA Lobito – Salted Apricots, Que Rico Candy Mango with Chamoy, and Teco Mini Chamoy for a sweet & spicy treat you won't be able to resist; fruit in delicious chamoy sauce that will drive you wild.

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