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Ingredients are essential for real authentic Mexican cooking. You can achieve a flavorful meal with substitutes, but in order to really enjoy Mexican food as it is intended you need to get authentic ingredients. Of course ingredients vary by the different regions in Mexico; some are easy to find, while others are more challenging to come across, especially if you live outside of Mexico. This is why is proud to bring authentic Mexican ingredients right to your door; we strive to facilitate your shopping experience by giving you access to Mexico’s most popular brands and products, all at the click of a button.

The following is a list of Mexican ingredients that are essential for Mexican Cuisine and that has available for you. Shop today and start cooking up authentic Mexican recipes. Achiote Seasoning – Paste – Sauce: If you want to give color and flavor to your dishes, Achiote is the ingredient for you. Whether you’re looking to make cochinita pibil, marinate meat or add color to tamales and empanadas, the right condiment or paste makes all the difference in your meal. MexiChef, El Yucateco, El Mexicano & La Perla del Mayab are just a few of the brands that offer a succulent achiote paste that will enchance your dishes. If you prefer flavor, our Achiote powders & seasonings by Bijol, Marin & Rogelio Bueno is just what you need. Beef, Shrimp, Chicken & Tomatoe Bouillon: Enhance your meals with our vast selection of Knorr’s Beef, Shrimp, Chicken, Tomato and Chipotle Bouillon seasonings. Make meat, seafood food, soups, rice and many other dishes tastier with Knorr’s seasoning cubes, powders, and soup mixes.

Flours and Sugars: Whether you want to make Tortillas, Tamales, Oatmeal, Desserts and other types of food, brings the finest selection of flours & sugars. Prepare delicious tortillas and tamales with Selecta Flour or Maseca’s regular or yellow corn flour masa for tortillas, as well as corn flour masa for tamales. You can also make healthy and tasty drinks with El Guapo’s Pinole (ground corn), Corona Real’s blue corn flour, Sunuko Pinole and Tres Estrellas rice flour which are perfect for making atole and horchata. Also make sure to try Tres Estrellas Extra Fine San Antonio Wheat Flour for bakery, tortillas, pizza and more. Sweeten desserts & make oatmeal with our wide variety of brands, Corona Real, Zulka, Sukkar, Oats, Nestle and Avena Tradicional.

Milk Products: Make the sweetest confections, desserts and beverages with MexGrocer’s high quality products, from famous brands like Nestle, Coronado and Alpura; with products like La Lechera, Nido, Cerelac Wheat Cereal, Nescafe & Nestum. Also try our exquisite selection of Coronado’s liquid milk caramel (cajeta). As well as Alpura’s milk different varieties. Don’t miss out on our Mexican Food Sweet ‘n Delicious Gift pack that contains 7 items for those dessert lovers who want to create and savor the most delectable desserts and sweets, this pack is a must! Contains 3 types of flan, a caramel custard, a can of guavas, liquid milk caramel (dulce de leche), Gansitos Marinela, cookies, churros and Carlos V chocolate Bars. Olives, Capers and Caperberries: Garnish and make flavorful dishes and appetizers with our succulent Olives and Caperberries brands. Goya, Roland and La Costena bring you a delicious variety of olives, whether you prefer pitted olives or olives stuffed with hot pimiento, salmon, tuna or anchovies. Roland also has Nonpareilles Capers and Wild Caperberries.

Vanilla – Mayonnaise – Seasonings: What’s a dish or a dessert without the proper flavor? Seasoning and flavoring is essential, and brings you a succulent variety of seasonings, powders, cooking mixes, mayonnaise and extracts. Make foods like meat, fish, chicken, tacos, and sandwiches tastier, as well as give flavor to fruits and desserts with tangy spicy powders and sweet vanilla extracts. Tryout our unique list of brands: Maggi, Trechas, Via Nueva, MexiChef, McCormick, Sazon Goya, El Sol, Dona LA, El Monte Spices, Tajin, Real Vanilla, Molina and Maya Mexican.

Oil, Vinegar and Honey: Season, prepare and sweeten all sorts of dishes with MexGrocer’s popular brands. Cooking oils: 1-2-3 and Maizete 100% Pure Corn Oil, El Pato White Distilled Vinegar as well as Miel H and Royal Crown honey products.

Salimon & Lemon / Lime Powder & Juice Concentrate: Give all sorts of dishes, snacks and beverages a touch of flavor with mouthwatering lemony and tangy products has to offer. From lime juice, to lemon powder and beer mix, from brands like Bokados, Trechas, Via Nueva, Limon 7, Zumba Pica, MicheMix and Lucas.

Tamales Ingredients: Are you craving some deliciously authentic Mexican tamales? offers you the tools and ingredients to prepare tasty tamales. Start with Mark Miller’s Tamales cookbook as a guide to preparing and cooking tamales. And of course get essential ingredients like Maseca’s corn flour (masa), El Guapo and Corona Real’s corn husks, as well as the most important tool: the tamale steamer. For tamale lovers who want more fun ingredients in order to get started with tamale making, be sure to try out our Mexican Tamales Making Kit, and get your holiday posadas started with our 2 gift packs Posada Fiesta Gift Pack and Deluxe Posada Fiesta Gift Pack,

Marinades: If you want to give meats, chicken, pork and fish an authentic flavor, than don’t miss our unique selection of marinade brands: Goya, El Mexicano, La Lechonera, La Cubana and Knorr.

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