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Marinades are primarily used to tenderize and enhance the flavor of meat, poultry and seafood. They are thin liquids that the meat swims in before it is cooked; a marinade adds flavor and moisture to the meat as well as tenderizing it so it won’t have dull or bland taste. Most marinades contain four important components which are oil, flavorings, salt and acid.

Salt is essential in a marinade because it serves as a flavor enhancer, it is good at penetrating deep into the meat and pulling the other flavor components to give the meat a mouthwatering taste. Some typical acids that are used are fruit juices and vinegar, that work very well to flavor any type of meat. Flavorings such as spices and herbs are also used to flavor meat, including paprika, oregano, garlic, onion powder and cumin. Oils on the other hand help the flavorings to release their natural aromas, as well as crisping and browning the meat for a unique and delicious flavor. has a complete selection of high quality Marinades manufactured by some of the most popular Mexican and Latin American brands, so you can give your meats a savory and mouthwatering flavor that will impress your family and friends.

Listed below are some of the best marinade products you’ll find at our store, so shop for all of your flavoring needs.

Goya Foods

Goya’s popular tagline can be applied to their marinades as well, because “if it’s Goya, it has to be good”. Try their different types of marinades and create flavorful meals that you can be proud of. Recaito and Sofrito are seasonings that can be used to flavor soups, beans, rice, stews and chili; Recaito is a cilantro based seasoning while Sofrito is a tomato cooking base that will transform a bland meal into something so tasty that you won’t resist having a second helping. Goya’s Bitter Orange, Mojo Criollo and Chipotle Marinades are ideal flavor enhancers for pork, beef and chicken, whether you’re looking to give your recipes a tangy or smoky flavor that is finger licking good.

Other Marinades

El Mexicano, La Lechonera and La Cubana Mojo Criollo areexquisite Spanish marinating sauces for fish, poultry and meal, they’re a must have for any kitchen since they are not only deliciously flavorful but very healthy too. What more could you ask for? Also be sure to try Knorr’s Lizano Marinating sauce that is made with vegetables and spices, that will give a gentle and delicious herb like infusion to your meals.

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