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Milk Products UHT Milk- Condensed Milk - Milk Powder - Cajeta

Milk is the staple for many famous desserts in Mexico including Flan and Tres Leches Cake. If you want to enhance and create scrumptious desserts or have a delicious snack you should try our popular Mexican milk brands: La Lechera, Nestle, Coronado, Nescafe, Tres Reyes and Lala. Let your family, kids and yourself enjoy the wonderful benefits of milk products starting with healthy bones, a strong immune system, smooth skin and prevention of illnesses such as dental decay, osteoporosis, hypertension, obesity and some forms of cancers. This is due to the fact that milk products are great sources of nutrients with vitamins A & B, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and riboflavin. proudly gives you access to Mexico

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