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MexGrocer.com has in store for you a vast selection of hard-to-find seafood ingredients. Now you these items are at hands reach and you can have them in the comfort of your own home at affordable prices. Browse through our high quality selection of Calamari, Shrimp and other seafood at MexGrocer.com so you can prepare delectable dishes to impress your guests with our canned seafood.


Calamari is the Italian name of the squid and is referred to the dish prepared with it. The dish consists of cutting the squid into pieces to create rings, which are then battered and deep fried for a couple of minutes. The fried calamari is usually served as an appetizer or added to appetizer platters or consumed as a snack. Calamari can be garnished with lemon and parsley, and is often served with a marinara sauce in the United States. Gourmet restaurants combine different sauces with calamari once the squid has been fried. It can be combined with tomato based sauce, pesto sauce or a sweet and sour sauce. MexGrocer.com offers you the best high quality brands of calamari from Calmex and Royal Crown, so you can prepare succulent and delicious dishes and appetizers.

Squid is a mollusk with ten tentacles with a protective mechanism that releases dark ink into the water when it feels threatened or senses danger like its cousin the octopus. Its meat is firm and white, with a slightly sweet and almost nutty flavor. The tentacles are edible, but it

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