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Atun Dolores Tuna / Atun

Dolores Tuna is a product from Grupo Pinsa, considered among the most important companies in Amaerica within the Tuna industry.

Grupo Pinsa was born in 1980, a 8 thousand meter field with a portion under water in the Bonfil Industrial Park, was bought with the profit made with the sale of shrimp boat to Lopez Portillos government, to make it into a flour and fish factory.

Four years later, in March of 1984 the canning of tuna fish began with a subcontracting agreement for Mexican Fishery Products and the brands they marketed where: Sea Harvest (Cosecha del Mar), Fisherman (Pescador) and Economia (Economy).

In 1985, Pinsa buys two tuna fishing boats after Grupo Visa Monterrey put them up for sale. Pinsa then founded Pesca Azteca which 10 yrs later became the most important tuna fleet in Latin America. Armed with its own fleet, Pinsa decides to start marketing the brands El Dorado and Mazatun in 1986.

By 1988 in order to properly market their brands, PINSA established a commercial direction and at the same time finished building its own dock and refrigerators to store raw materials. By mid 80s PINSA decides to drop the manufacturing of fishmeal in order to return to the same activity through the purchase of Tuna and Derivatives company, giving birth to the Mazaindustrial company, which manufactures the by-product of PINSA turning it into fishmeal. In addition to having various tuna fishing boats for the same purpose.

The brand Dolores with records dating back to 1936, started being produced by PINSA in 1991. 15 years later Grupo PINSA is still the most important in Latin America, and reinforced its position in 2006. Today Grupo PINSA produces more than 1 million cans of tuna a day, and has 21 tuna fishing boats.

Productos from the Dolores brand include regular tuna in water or oil, Ensalada de Atun (Tuna salad), Tuna with chipotle, and Pibil Tuna (Atun al Pibil). Besides manufacturing Dolores Tuna, PINSA also manufactures the Mazatun and El Dorado tuna brands.

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