Peanuts Mexican and Japanese Style - Mixed Nuts

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Peanuts Mexican and Japanese Style - Mixed Nuts at

Peanuts come in many presentations and with so many flavors you are bound to find a favorite, with mouth watering chili pepper, lime, crunchy, salty and caramel. Peanuts date back all the way to the Aztecs, where the Spanish conquistadors found the Tlalcacahuatl (Nahuatl for Peanut) where being sold in the marketplace of Tenochtitlan now Mexico City. European traders later spread the plant world wide. Peanuts are used for many things. They can be eaten as straight food, used in recipes, made into peanut butter, as well as many other uses. Concoctions made with peanuts include salted peanuts, peanut brittle or pepitorias, shelled nuts and peanut butter (in cookies, sandwiches, cups, candy bars). But in Mexico a peanut is not just a peanut; it's equally as important as potato chips and are a must in every party or reunion. You can find peanuts in many flavors like chile y limon, Cacahuates japoneses (Japanese style), salt and lemon, habanero flavored and roasted salted. Peanuts are served at bars as well as cocktail parties and are consumed with a cold beer.

MexGrocer is proud to bring you the best brands of Peanuts and snacks, so you can have only the best at your next party.

Sabritas Just like their potato chips you can't eat only one, as all their delicious flavors are highly addictive. Make sure to serve at your next party Sabritas salt and lime peanuts, Japanese peanuts, chile and lime peanuts and Mexican style peanuts. Going to a soccer game or you have a craving for peanuts Make sure to get the Sabritas Peanuts 4 pack sample, all of Sabritas flavors in 4 fun packages to take on the go.

Barcel Another of Mexico's popular brands, Barcel brings you a delicious selection of peanuts Barcel Hot Nuts chili and lime, Barcel Crunchy Coated Japanese Style Peanuts, Barcel salt and lime peanuts, and if you want something really hot, try Barcel toreados Habanero Chile pepper peanuts.

Japanese Style Peanuts Japanese peanuts are what many tourists discover and really enjoy during their visit to Mexico. Contrary to public belief, Japanese peanuts don't come from Japan they are Mexican. They are large peanuts coated with a crunchy shell flavored with a hint of soy sauce, the sauce being probably their only link to Japan. The nuts are sweet and salty all at once. One taste of these tasty and delectable peanuts and you'll be hooked for life! You'll then understand why they are so addicting! Some great Japanese style peanuts brands are: MAKANA Peanuts Japanese Style Dry Roasted Peanuts with Salt & Lemon Powder, Cacahuate Japones Manzela, Japon Peanuts Cacahuates Japones and De La Rosa Cacahuate Japones Peanuts.

Premium Peanuts and Candy MexGrocer brings you an excellent variety of premium nuts to snack on. They are excellent snacks for when you crave something nutty and spicy. Pick your favorite pistachios from chili lemon, Habanero, jalapeno, garlic and onion, tequila and lime, to chili lima beans, hot and spicy peanuts, Japanese style peanuts, as well as pepitas and pumpkin seeds for your next game. But if you're in the mood for a nutty candy, made with crushed peanuts then Mazapan De La Rosa (Marzipan) will hit the spot with its full peanut flavor. De La Rosa Marzipan makes an excellent snack to take to the office or to put in your children's lunch box as a healthy snack.

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