Sabritas Snacks, Tortilla Chips, Potato Chips and Peanuts

Sabritas Snacks, Tortilla Chips, Potato Chips and Peanuts

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Sabritas Snacks

The tradition of eating industrialized snacks began in 1943 in Mexico City, Mexico by the ingenuity of Pedro Marcos Noriega; who saw a business opportunity in the sales of potato chips, garbanzos and lima beans. Today this small factory gave way to the most important Mexican Company in its category: Sabritas. With no resources but the kitchen of his own house, Pedro Marcos Noriega started a little industry that manufactured products that were rarely used in his day under the name “Productos Conde”. Distributors had to distribute its products throughout the whole city on their bikes. Five years later, in 1948 technology and the good fortune of the newly rising company made it possible for them to acquire scooters and later vehicles and trucks that currently are renewed annually. During this time the first factory opened and the name of the Company was changed to Golosinas y Productos Selectos S.A. de C.V. It produced and sold potato chips, chickpeas (Garbanzos), corn chips and snacks. It was then that the name of Sabritas potato chips was born from the contraction of the words Sabrosas y Botanitas forming the word “Sabritas” which means Tasty and Little Snacks in Spanish. That’s how the line of snacks and foods with the Sabritas happy face was born.

In 1953 Sabritas presents their first processed food the "Charritos Cheli", which was elaborated in large quantities and under the most zealous quality standards. That same year the Noriega family raised a small factory with automatic fryers, delivering the product in trucks for the first time.

The Pepsi-cola Company and Frito-Lay merged to form Pepsico and the brand Sabritas was bought out, changing its name to Sabritas S.A. It started modernizing its processes and expanding its retail channel. Sabritas is the umbrella brand under which PepsiCo markets famous brands like Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos and Ruffles, products from Frito-Lay in Mexico. Sabritas is also the name brand for its own line of potato chips, as well as marketing and manufacturing several local brands like Poffets, Sabritones, Crujitos and Rancheritos.

Two years later, in March 21, 1968 the first plant in Mexico City in the Industrial Vallejo street was inaugurated. Due to national demand, two more plants are opened, one in Guadalajara, jalisco and Saltillo, Coahuila in the years 1972 and 1980 respectively.

By 1983 a Latin American debt crisis led Sabritas to create Sonric’s as a way to expand its product line with candies and as a response to lowered demand because of the contraction of economic power. The Sonric’s brand was officially created in 1986, with the goal of delighting the children of Europe and South America, Sonric's good luck was a guide to cross the seas. The story gets sweeter. Sabritas creates Sonric's, the union of several Mexican companies in a world full of magic, flavor and fun. Sonric’s is famous because of its popularity among kids and its mascot, a wizard known as “El Maguito Sonric’s. Due to its success in 1987 the brand was expanded into dry powder mixes and flavored water such as fresquibon and Douglas, but unfortunately they didn’t fit well with Sonrics. So in order to fit these, Alegro Intenacional, a new division of PepsiCo was born.

Fed with the youth and fertility of our field, in the cities of Mexicali and Obregon two new Sabritas were born in 1991. In order to meet consumer taste Sabritas created the Center for Research and Agricultural Development in 1992, to support the processes and research that benefit Mexican producers. In 1994, Pogs (tazos) were introduced for the first time. Sabritas presents their most successful promotion with duration of more than a year among consumers preference. To go further with their flavor, Sabritas raised another plant in Mision, Texas in 1996. Three years later the jarochos with their effort and dedication started began harvesting smiles began in 1999 when a plant in the port of Veracruz, Mexico one of the most modern in the world was opened.

Committed to the education and health of Mexican low-income children and youth, the Sabritas Foundation was born in 2001. In 2002 Sabritas launched their website and in 2003 Sabritas celebrated 60 years of traveling all over their country delivering quality and care, always with the same idea in mind: Continue harvesting smiles. Also their second plant in Mexicali, was inaugurated to meet U.S. market demand. In 2004 with the movement of the Activa2 program and with the support of PepsiCo foundation, the idea of physical activity and proper diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle was implemented by the Sabritas and Activate foundations. Pogs (Tazos) came back into the market to stay and Sabritas celebrates the 10th year anniversary of their most successful promotion. Their line of salsas: Salsabritas starts production in their plant in Vallejo.

Due to their extensive social commitment Sabritas receives the 2005 Socially Responsible badge issued by the Mexican center of Philanthropy. In 2006, Sabritas presents its sustainability report, which shows the progress made by the firm in its commitment to help improve the communities in which it operates. Sabritas discloses their philosophy of sustainability: Performance Sense in 2008. This philosophy seeks to join an excellent economic performance with the benefit to the world in which operates. This philosophy is based on four pillars: Consumer With a sense, Environment With Sense, Talent With Sense and Mexico with sense.

Products made and distributed by sabritas include: Pizzerolas, Ruffles, Cheetos, Doritos, Turbos Flamas, Chile and Lime Peanuts, Japanese Peanuts, Salt and Lime Peanuts, Limon, Rancheritos, Habanero Sabritas, Sabritones and Sabritas Chili Piquin. Other brands include: Poffets, Karate, Mafer, Nutritas, Sabrimix, Sun Chips, Tacos, Tostitos, Churrumais, Crujitos and Fritos.

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Cacahuates y Botanas de Sabritas, Frito-Lay Inc. For more information visit and Sabritas on YouTube

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