Mexican Bread - Pan de Muerto - Rosca de Reyes (Seasonal)

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Mexican Bread - Pan de Muerto - Rosca de Reyes (Seasonal) - Pan Molido

Mexican Bread History and Industrial Evolution

In Mexico, Bread is known as Pan and is a signature staple of the country. There are many varieties of bread including Pan Dulce which is sweet bread in Spanish. This culinary delight was influenced by Spanish and French settlers, where the many varieties of bread get their names from. They left an important legacy in Mexico that would shape and make Mexican baking one of the most inventive traditions in the world. In the early 1800s the French introduced rich pastries, baguettes and crispy rolls to Mexico, after the French occupation of the country ended at the Battle of Puebla known as Cinco de Mayo, Mexico's love for French bakery still remained and Mexican bakers adopted the French techniques to make their own unique varieties. Today there are more than a thousand types of Pan Dulce, each with a fancy name and similar shapes to the pastries and bread you would find in present day France but with a Spanish name.

It is difficult to choose a favorite with so many varieties available, just as it is hard to ignore the aroma of fresh baked bolillos (French rolls) and pan dulce, it is what draws so many people to Mexican bakeries, there is nothing like the taste of a bolillo straight out of the oven, as is the taste of freshly toasted bread.

Bimbo Mexican Bread Brand

Today there are many famous Mexican bakeries that make the most delicious and exquisite bread in the country, the two most popular being Bimbo. Who've been making Mexico's favorite pastries and bread for years, and that is proud to give you access to.

Start your mornings, have a tasty snack or lunch with Bimbo's healthy and delicious bakery products. If you are in a hurry and don't have time for a morning breakfast Bimbo's Multigrain Bars with Flaxseed or Mixed are the ideal snack on the go, as well as a great sweet treat for your kids lunch boxes. They are both nutritious and delicious, allowing for a fun snack that will keep you and your loved ones strong and healthy. Bimbo White and Wheat bread products are the perfection addition for every day meals, give your loved ones a nutritious meal they will enjoy to the fullest. Made with fresh milk and wheat grains, their bread guarantees to keep your children strong and healthy, just as their slogan says: Bimbo is made with love.

Do you like the traditional toasted bread in the morning Then you'll absolutely love Bimbo's Toasted White or Wheat and Oat Fiber, these products are deliciously toasted, giving you a nutritious and authentic taste. They are ideal to compliment breakfast spread with jam, butter or as a snack with ham and cheese. Whatever you choose to do, you and your loved ones will enjoy Bimbo's great taste in every nutritious slice you eat. Also recommended is Bimbo Bread Crumbs that can be used for a variety of dishes, one classic use for it is as a breading or layer on the outside of food that is either sauteed or fried, and can also be used as an ideal filler in things such as frittatas, puddings and quiches.

The traditional breads in store for you, the most popular being the traditional Three Kings Cake and Day of the Dead bread. During the famous Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico between the 1 and 2nd of November, graves are decorated with flowers and loved ones who have passed away are honored with food and drinks, most commonly with the traditional Pan de Muerto (Day of the Dead bread) that is made from a yeasty sweet egg bread that is flavored with anise and coated with sugar or sesame seeds. The Three Kings Cake is a traditional cake served during the Christmas season, and is popular in various countries including Mexico, the United States, Spain, France and Belgium. It is also closely associated with the Mardi Gras festivities of New Orleans. The traditional Mexican and Spanish Rosca de Reyes (Three Kings Cake) has an oval shape and is decorated with cherries, quinces or dried and candied fruits. It is served on January 6 during the celebration of the Dia de Reyes which means Kings Day. Children in Mexico traditionally get presents on this day which is attributed to the Three Wise Men. On January 6th before the children go to bed, they are to leave their shoes and a note for the 3 Kings outside and they will awake the following morning with gifts near their shoes. The most important purpose for The Three Kings cake is to remind families of the magic of Christmas when the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated worldwide. The tradition for the cake starts with the a trinket (a figure of the baby Jesus) that is placed inside of the oval shaped Rosca de Reyes, it symbolizes the flight of Jesus when fleeing from King Herodes terrible plan to kill all the babies that could be the promised Messiah. Whoever finds the figurine of the baby Jesus in the bread is blessed and must host a party on February 2 which is Dia de la Candeleria (Candlemas Day).

Mexican Bakery - Pasteleria Mexicana

Bread has been a vital source of nourishment for centuries, dating as far back as 2700 B.C. where ancient civilizations like Egypt enjoyed its rich taste. It was introduced to Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors who radically changed the corn based diet of the ancient Mesoamerican people with the consumption of Wheat and other grains. They learned how to make wheat bread, and began to give it different shapes and flavors, since bread was made with eggs, butter and water. Sweet bread was created much later as a complement to chocolate that not only became a traditional breakfast but a signature food in Mexico. It is believed that the creative shapes of Mexican bread were a result of the indigenous people being prohibited to make figures of their gods with amaranth, so they molded the bread into figurines which pleased the Spaniards. The French also had an important impact on Mexican bakery during their occupation of Mexico in the 1800s, when baguettes, croissants, crispy rolls and other exquisite pastries where first introduced. After the battle of Cinco de Mayo ended the French occupation, the techniques of the French where adopted by Mexican bakers who where inspired to make the delicious varieties of Mexican pastries we know today. As you can see Mexican bread are a result of ingenuity, culture, tradition and a mixture of European conquerors and primitive settlers, who have richly inspired Mexican bakery. After all what is coffee or champurrado without a delicious Mexican pastry on the side.

Popular Bakery and Pastry Brands from Mexico

The following list includes the most popular Mexican bread and pastries that are also manufactured by the country’s leading brands Bimbo and Marinela, as well as Mexico’s most famous bakery El Molino. brings these popular brands right to your door with a huge selection of famous mexican bakery products.

Pan Tostado

Toasted Bread – Bimbo gave a unique twist to the typical loaf of bread, by creating their popular “Pan Tostado” (Toasted Bread). As the name suggests, a loaf of bread is toasted until given a golden color. This crunchy bread is a great addition to your breakfast. Bimbo has two types of pan tostado, white and with wheat and oat fiber. If you prefer none toasted bread, then substitute with Bimbo’s large white or wheat bread.


Conchas – Which means Shell in Spanish is traditional bread in Mexico that can often be found on every family’s table for breakfast and lunch. Concha’s come in different colors such as white, chocolate, yellow and pink. What gives them their authentic taste and texture is the ingredients in the dough which include eggs, sugar and butter. Conchas are coated in a sugary paste of different colors and flavors, and are given their unique shape with a mold in the shape of a Shell. Be sure to try Bimbo’s deliciously sugar coated Conchas at

Empanadas Dulces

Empanadas – Is a well known pastry that is stuffed with a sweet fruity filling, the dough is lightly sweetened which gives it a very unique flavor. The empanadas most distinguishing feature is its curly trim edges which are made by hand. offers El Molino’s exquisite Empanadas with Piloncillo that is sure to be a hit in your home. If you love tasty treats, be sure to try this.

Orejas de Hojaldre

Feite or Palmier – This sugary pastry is known as “Orejas de Hojaldre” in Mexico and is known for its exquisite buttery flavor. Originating from France, this delicious concoction is made with different layers of butter and dough. Try out this authentic pastry with Bimbo’s Fine Pastry: Orejas de Hojaldre.

Puerquitos - Cochinitos

Puerquitos – These delicious gingerbread cookies are shaped into piglets, which is where they get their popular name “puerquitos” (piglets). Its unique flavor and golden brown color is due to its exquisite ingredients which include: molasses, sugar and milk. Be sure to check out El Molino’s Puerquitos cookies, it’s a tasty treat you don’t want to miss out on.

Mexican Cookies

Cookies – Mexico also has delicious cookies that come in unique flavors, shapes and textures. offers you a rich variety of cookies from Mexico’s top brands, including el Molino’s popular orange and ring shaped corn cookies. As well as Marinela’s famous Marias, Polvorones and Canelitas cookies.

Pan de Muerto

Pan de Muerto – Day of the Dead is one of Mexico’s hugest traditions, a special day that reunites family and friends as they honor their beloved ancestors and loved ones who have past away. Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead) is an important Mexican bread made to honor our ancestors and loved ones. This bread is made with flour and is deliciously coated in sugar. Pan de Muerto is placed on top of altars along with “Calaveritas de Dulce” (Sugar Skulls) to honor the dead.

Rosca de Reyes

Rosca de Reyes – This holiday bread known as the 3 Kings cake is an essential part of Christmas time, it is a celebration with family & friends that reminds us of the magic of Christmas when Jesus Christ our savior was born. This delicious cake consists of honey, nuts, eggs, dried fruits and flour. The tradition of the 3 Kings cake consists of finding the doll that is hidden in the bread, which represents the baby Jesus, and whoever finds the baby doll has to host a party on February 2nd (Dia de la Candelaria) where atole and tamales are served.

Pastelitos Marinela

Other popular Mexican bakery items that you can find at are Marinela’s delicious Mexican cakes that include: Gansitos Marinela, Submarinos, Pinguinos, Napolitanos, Lors Cake, Choco Roles and Rollos. These pastries are known for their exquisite creamy, jelly and milk caramel fillings. Also Mexican cakes like Marinela’s pound cake and mantecadas are an excellent choice for a sweet and savory treat.

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