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Corn Chips Mexican Snacks at MexGrocer

Corn chips are tasty snacks made from cornmeal that is either baked or fried; these chips are typically shaped into small scoops, rolls or noodles like the famous and oldest brand Fritos. Corn chip snacks have a strong aroma and taste of roasted corn, they have a thick and hard texture that is very crunchy and are seasoned heavily with salt. Tortilla chips are made slightly different from the American style corn chips because they are made using the nixtamalization process which means that the corn used to make the snacks is soaked and cooked in limewater and hulled, giving the tortilla chips a mild flavor and aroma, as well as a less rigid texture then the American snacks. Totopos.

Corn chips can either be eaten alone right out from the bag or accompanied with a dip, especially the scoop style of chips. There is a wide selection of corn chip based snacks available on the market that is very popular in both the U.S. and Mexico, and both have a great and unique taste. is proud to be able to give you access to the best brands and bring these delicious snacks right to your door.

Fritos has two delicious types of corn chips: scoops and noodles. The Flamin’ Hot scoops are covered in delicious chile which gives them a fiery crunch that will leave your taste buds burning for more. Their noodle corn snacks on the other hand are flavored and seasoned with the famous picante hot sauce from Guadalajara “El Tapatio”, so if you enjoy crunchy & spicy snacks you can be sure to challenge your tongue with a snack that is both satisfying and flavorful, with a wonderful spicy kick that will leave you craving for more.

Barcel is also a famous corn chip brand that is popular for its unique variety of snacks and shapes, as well as their spicy and tangy flavors. Their most famous variety is the rolled tortilla minis called Takis, which are seasoned with the most succulent ingredients that give them an authentic taste that is incomparable to any other tortilla snacks. Takis are typically covered in chile and given their tangy taste with a sprinkle of lemon juice. Some of their famous varieties include Fuego chili pepper, Nitro habanero, Crunchy Fajita and Guacamole, all four have a hint of lime juice to give them its original spicy flavor with a lemony twist. Also available by Barcel are the chile and lime flavored Churritos and the cheese & chile flavored Quezas corn snacks.

Give your tongue a tasty challenge with Sabritas Turbo Flamas corn chips, which are a spicy and flavorful snack that are sure to please your tongue with its fiery flavor. Bokados Tubikos and Chirritos are also covered in delicious and mouth watering chile, for a snack that has a fun and sizzling taste. If you prefer less spicy snacks, you should try El Campesino and Super 30’s plain churritos, these go excellent with hot sauce or lemon poured over to give them a sensational flavor. Also Rancheritos by Sabritas are a tasty corn chip snack that is flavored with chile and a variety of spices, which gives this treat an irresistible and fiery taste that is sure to keep your tongue on edge.

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