Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips (Pack of 3) - 9.25 oz

Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips (Pack of 3)
Price 16.50
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Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips

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Frito LayCorn Chips Fritos Brand combine the classic corn taste with a hearty, all-American fiery crunch. Right out of the bag baked into a Fritos Chili Pie, Crunchy Burritos or your favorite dip. Nothing Satisfies like FRITOS Brand.

Good Fun! Still made with all natural oil. Learn about other Flamin Hot products by Frito Lay. UPC code 28400-08413 028400084130

When your taste buds want to feel the burn, a regular chip just insn't going to cut it. You need something that'll reach out and bite you back.

Video Taco Bell - Beefy Crunch Burrito by Dillon Papst


Fritos Hojuelas de Maiz con Chile - Totopos de Maiz Enchilosos - Frituras de Maiz


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By Renee
Sterling Heights, MI
March 10, 2017
Flavorful cruncy heat
These are tasty to eat by themselves. Or can add with a ground hamburger beef dish.
ProsGood flavor
ConsWish they were also in Doritos platform
By Karen Messer
Arjay, Ky.
June 25, 2016
My husband loves these chips. They are not available in stores in our area. Though yours were the cheapest online I still feel they were a bit expensive to buy, especially with the high shipping cost. He really enjoyed them and I will say they arrived quickly. Thanks
By craving hot fritos
vancouver Washington
March 25, 2016
I love these but only problem is we dont get it out here in Oregon so i have family out in cali drive me up some but thats every reunion get together . so 4 years smh
Please can you guys please start selling these hot Fritos out here in Vancouver Washington please so I don't have to wait on who ever flies in or out to cali for some :( . Thankyou
By Victoria Flannagan
Akron, Ohio
January 5, 2016
Love these! They are exactly like the Flaming Hot Cheetohs but are Fritos! Bags were also really full! 
By Jerry
October 19, 2015
Awesome chips!
We cannot get these flamin' hot Frito chips here. I was so glad to find these at MexGrocer. Myself and a few others here at the office buy these and eat them sparingly. It is nice to have a place we can buy them from, and MexGrocer is very easy to work with. Easy to order online, and shipped right away. We will be ordering again.
By Amber
Fargo, ND
February 13, 2015
my favorite
These are my favorite chips, but they aren't available here in North Dakota. Wish they were cheaper to purchase. They aren't $5.50 in the stores. That is the only bad thing I would say about this purchase is the price.
By Don
August 24, 2014
Crunch and Fire !!!
I use these as an added crunch in my burrito ... BAM !!!
ProsCrunchy and Hot
ConsNot easy to find
By Chris
Shady Cove, Oregon
March 18, 2013
These are the greatest chips ever made Thanks to Mexican Grocer my tummy once again is happy!
By Sara Cheri
October 8, 2012
Second time order
I had to order these again because they still aren't available in my area. (WHY?I can't imagine!)
Thank goodness for the Mexican Grocer though.. just as before,they got here fast and super-fresh!
ProsVery HOT & SO tasty!
ConsJust that for some weird reason Frito's doesn't sell them in so many stores where the other flavors are all sold!
By jess
new bern, nc
September 27, 2012
flamin' hot fritoes
i have been craving these chips ever since i moved to the east coast and couldn't find them anywhere in the stores. i am so glad i found this website!
By Stephanie
September 17, 2012
Love love love!!
I work at taco bell and fell in love with the beefy crunch burrito but of course they discontinued it... I could not find these fritos ANYWHERE but your website!! I love you guys and this product!
ConsA little pricey, but worth it
By Rachel
July 23, 2012
Very tasty. Great flavor... awesome product!
By ryan walker
sioux city
May 20, 2012
awesome chips
Thanks mexgrocer you guys are reliable with fast shipping you basically saved my relationship my girlfriend loves these chips. Please continue to stock these bad boys and keep my woman happy. Will definately order again. Thanks again mexgrocer
By Helyne
Bordentown, New Jersey
April 18, 2012
Love these. They are slow burning, burt then the fire after one or two mouth fulls. Great with dips.
ProsThe slow burn.
ConsNeed bigger bags.
By Justin
Jacksonville, Florida
March 14, 2012
Love these
I think these are my fav hot chip mexgrocer carries. Good heat and flavor!
ProsHot Flavorful
By Lisa
Chicago il
February 8, 2012
The Best store online.
My Number 1# Fritos i love these chip they are the best to me. that why i allway order with you..
By idahotraveler15
February 1, 2012
I live in an area where these are not available and there is no Taco Bell. So, I bought these to make my own Cheesy Crunch Burritos! They rocked! I would like to thank Mexican Grocer for carrying these and making them available to us in lesser markets! Bless you!
By Kim
Tacoma, WA
January 29, 2012
I used to live in Ohio and could buy them there. I moved around some and ended up in WA. Not available here and not in Ohio anymore either. I used to have friends in TX and CA send them to me but I felt like I was bothering them too much so I found your online store and am enjoying these Flamin Hot Fritos once again. Have ordered several times and they always arrive quickly and fresh!!

Can't understand why you can get them in a Taco Bell burrito but not on a supermarket shelf. i asked the Frito Lay guy and he had never even heard of them. Go figure. The states I have found them in recent years are California, Arizona, Texas and Vegas.

I love these chips in many different things and by themselves as well. Thanks Mexgrocer!!!
Consnot being able to run to the supermarket and get them anytime, I buy them from Mexgrocer 5 bags at a time and they keep very well !!!
By Joe
December 19, 2011
Only place I can find these!
best chips ever! only place i can even find them! thank you so much!
Consno dislikes
By Sharon Creel
October 18, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
Been looking for these since I was in Texas in 2000. Love these chips! Thank's MexGrocer! Please keep them in stock!
By Melissa Landreneau
September 15, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
A friend of mine found this website after I'd spend years looking for these chips. The are the best. Nothing compares to these chips. I'm a lifetime customer now! :)
By Nikki
May 15, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
I love these chips! Can't find them anywhere in the midwest. Great service from Mexgrocer. Will order again.
By Crystal
May 1, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
I looked everywhere for these to suprise my boyfriend and finally found them on this site. Not only were the chips amazing but it was easy to order and shipped fast. Would order from here again!
April 21, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
We can't get these in our part of the country so I order them from MexGrocer since my husband loves them! Can't understand why we can get Flamin' Hot Cheetos and FunYuns but not Fritos! Go figure!
By George
April 13, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
The best flavor for Fritos. Great in chili pie and other recipes, as well as perfect by themselves! These are not available in my area so I rely on MexGrocer for fast, dependable delivery!
By Laura A. Silver
March 16, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
We couldn't get these in our part of the country, so I found your website. My husband loves them, their taste is fantastic!
By Michael J. Hobson
February 28, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
love my order and i would love to order from you again
By Anissa Eckert
February 25, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
My boyfriend loves these and we could not find them anywhere in our area. I bought them through, they were so easy to deal with and the chips were a HUGE hit. They are simply amazing!
By Linh
February 24, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
I live in New Jersey and thought my sister was kidding when she let me taste these suckers then told me they were only sold on the West Coast. I fell in love with these immediately and went on a frantic search only to find them at MexGrocer. They arrived pronto and fresh. My five bags are almost gone so I'll be ordering more very soon. These little fritos have such a unique and satisfying burn; they go with everything from scrambled eggs to burgers. I'msure there will be a lot of orders for these from the Atlantic!
By sarah cheri
February 10, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
I love the flavor of these chips..taste so good with iced Diet Coke or a sandwich. I use to get them at a couple different stores around East Texas but haven't been able to find them for months. I decided to go online & find out why. Seems they don't distribute them around hereanymore for some reason. Glad I found the Mexican Grocer & ordered some. They are delicious & I think the stores should start stocking them in this area again. Thanks so much!
By Kim Masi
February 4, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
These are addictive and delicious. I put them in my burritos...yum! I live in New Jersey and can only get them from MexGrocer. My sister loved them so much she ordered them too!
By chelle
January 30, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
love this chips will definitely order from this site again..thanks mexgrocer
By sara cheri
January 23, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
I can't get enough of these chips and lately I can't find them anywhere in my area. Thank goodness I found this place!
By Raquel
January 16, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
We love these chips here and we're in Illinois and were so pissed when we couldn't find them anymore! Thank goodness for the internet and Mexgrocer!
By Bob Wires
January 3, 2011
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
Awesome chips Live in N.E. Ohio. can't get flaming hot anymore. Mexgroer was great and will buy again.
By Bill
October 17, 2010
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
These are the best and everyone I get to try them, love them. They are surprised they don't sell them here in Oklahoma and I get them from California.
By Tedman
October 3, 2010
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
Great product, love these chips.....
By robert lockett
June 12, 2010
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
Love these hot chips, they are the best......
By Beth
April 8, 2010
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips
We live in the midwest and no one sells these around here, and this is the only place we've found to buy them. thanks so much!
By Leticia
April 7, 2010
Review for Fritos Brand Flamin' Hot Corn Chips



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