Chocolate Mexican Candy

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Mexican Chocolate Candy

Chocolate is irresistible, from its succulent aroma, to its rich texture and sweet flavor. It has been a favorite treat through generations, a sweet that goes as far back as the ancient Mayans and was later adopted by the Aztecs. The Aztec natives made a variety of beverages with chocolate; they would combine it with spices, vanilla, honey, seeds and nuts. These chocolate drinks were used for rituals by priests and nobleman. Chocolate was so adored by the Aztecs, that it was used as both currency and food. They later introduced it to the Spaniards who became so fascinated by the flavor that they took chocolate back to Spain where it became so popular to the point that it was the King's Official Drink in the New Spain and Europe. Around the end of the 18th century, Europeans began to prepare chocolate by blending it with milk and sugar in order to create what is known today as hot chocolate. It is because of the popularity of the drink in Europe that Manufacturers began to make pots and cups that were specifically for serving chocolate.

Besides being used for beverages, chocolate has also been used to make delicious candy bars and sweets, as well as being deliciously combined with cookies, wafers, marshmallows, gummies or flakes and with flavors such as strawberry, hazelnut, eggnog (rompope), vanilla and many others. As well as being the basis of many candy and dessert recipes, for example chocolate cakes and cookies. It is because of its unique taste that chocolate has become a favorite among kids and adults. After all who doesn't enjoy a chocolaty beverage or scrumptious chocolate candy.

Chocolate is one of the many signature foods of Mexico and brings you the best brands for Mexican Chocolate Candy products. Browse through our unique selection of high quality Mexican chocolate brands and products.

Stir up a delicious cup of hot chocolate with Abuelita Marqueta's Mexican chocolate from Nestle. Abuelita is a rich chocolate tablet that dissolves with milk, it can be used to prepare a scrumptious hot chocolate or as an ingredient for authentic Mexican chocolate recipes. For more then 60 yrs Abuelita has been a tradition passed down through generations and now you can make it a tradition in your home too.

If you enjoy twinkies then Gansito Marinela is the treat for you! Known as the Mexican twinkie, the Gansito is a snack cake filled with strawberry and jelly cream. Gansitos are also delicious when frozen and are a yummy summer treat.

Chocolate bars are irresistible and you'll find Mexican candy bars delightful, especially with Mexico's top brands: Carlos V, Bocadin and Nestle's Tin Larin. Carlos V is the King of Chocolate and with good reason, their candy bars are made with the most exquisite chocolate and have a rich and creamy texture that will you leave you wanting more. Some of the popular Carlos V products you'll find at are the Carls V original milk chocolate bars, dark chocolate candy bars, snack wafer with chocolate and chocolate sticks. Tin Larin is a delicious chocolate bar with a creamy peanut butter filling that is a pleasant surprise for your tongue.

Ricolino is one of the most popular chocolate brands in Mexico, their candy products have become an instant favorite thanks to their original flavors, shapes and textures. With products such as Paleta Payaso (a marshmallow lollipop covered in chocolate with a smiley face on top made out of gummies that resembles a clown's face), Bubulubu (a delicious chocolate bar with a marshmallow and gummy filling), Choco Retas (mint flavored chocolates), Kranky (chocolate covered corn flakes) and Chutazos (fun soccer ball shaped chocolates with a delicious eggnog filling).

Other popular chocolate brands you'll find at are: Duvalin a candy cream that comes in various flavors such as hazelnut and vanilla, hazelnut and strawberry and Tri Sabor (triple flavor: vanilla, hazelnut and strawberry). Ibarra Chocolate snack bite size. Paleton La Corona which are marshmallow lollipops with a chocolate coating very similar to Paleta Payaso, De La Rosa Malvavisco are chocolate covered marshmallow treats. Nutresa Cremino Bicolore (hazelnut & cocoa praline) and Nutresa Monedas (chocolate coins).

Give a sweet gift to your family and friends with our scrumptious Gift Packs: Mexican Candy Gift Pack, Pinata & Candy Fiesta Package, La Dulceria Mexican Candy Lovers Package and Mexican Chocolate Lovers Gift Pack. These gift packs are ideal for parties and all chocolate lovers, with scrumptious treats from top brands like Lorena, Duvalin, De La Rosa, Carlos V, Ricolino, Abuelita Chocolate, Lucas and Gamesa.

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