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Ibarra Mexican chocolate initiated in 1925 when a couple by the names of Mrs. Maria Ruiz and Mr. Camilo Gomez Ibarra decided to develop a chocolate that could be sold domestically. The brand was born almost decades later when Mr. Gomez made the decision to sell his homemade chocolate with a brand and so the “Ibarra” era began. The brand became the first to export Mexican chocolate starting with the U.S. market and year later throughout the rest of the world.

At the end of 1950 the children of the Ibarra-Ruiz marriage: Ernesto, Gustavo and Guillermo decided to expand the business and in order to achieve this they acquired more modern machinery and relocated their factory to a more suitable installation, which allowed the company to grow and progress during a period of 20 yrs. A new factory was inaugurated at a worldwide level in 1967 that was designed to fit the needs of industry during that time and in the future as well. Chocolatera de Jalisco the producers of Ibarra Chocolate went from being a local business into a prestigious national and international company. It was in 1980 when they introduce the new packaging of Ibarra home chocolate into the Mexican market. Another innovative packaging was designed in 1986 this one was directed towards the North American markets.

The instant chocolate powder was developed in 1988 under the brand of Choco Choco which was packaged in bags, jars and packets. It wasn’t until 1994 that Chocolate Ibarra Group decides to debut their new chocolate syrup Choco Choco that is manufactured in the U.S. Candies were also produced in 1998 with delicious chocolate concoctions under the Ibarra brand, they were Swedish vanilla flavored chocolates.

By 2000 Chocolate Ibarra Group (Grupo Chocolate Ibarra) became one of the most popular companies in the country. As well as introducing their revolutionary chocolate powder with vitamins under the Ibarra brand. 2006 marked a new era for the Ibarra brand after celebrating more then 60 years of exporting their products throughout the world, as well as the launch of their brand’s new image and packaging.

Since Chocolate Ibarra’s candies have become so popular, they launched a new concoction in 2007 called Choco Cups that are rich chocolates with a sweet caramel filling that is sure to satisfy even the most special palates. They also launched the thinly grounded version of Chocolate Ibarra which is just like the original product except it is much easier and faster to prepare. Lastly Chocolate Ibarra also created a new product directed to the Food Service industry called Ground Chocolate Ibarra Premium which offers a delicious alternative that is directed to the needs of Gourmet chefs and businesses.

The IBARRA CHOCOLATE brand is part of Novamex, located in El Paso TX owner of many popular food and soft drink brands including Jarritos, Sidral Mundet, Camaronazo, D'Gari Desserts, Cielito Seasonings and Granvita Granola. Novamex - Be Super Good and Stay Unique.

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