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Ricolino is currently sold in Mexico nationally and it’s also exported into the U.S. and Central America, and achieving a strong position in all outlets associated with quality, flavor and fun. In the Mexican market, Ricolino is the indisputable leader with products like Paleta Payaso, Lunetas, Bubulubu, Panditas and Duvalin, besides their line of gummies, due to the versatility of the line.

Ricolino’s story began in 1968 when Ricolino was known as Barcel and by that time the first Paletas Payaso (Clown lollipops), Chocolates y Turrones (Nuggats) already existed. In the year of 1970 Lorenzo and Robert Servitje’s had a the vision of creating and incorporating Barcel into Grupo bimbo, intending to build a pillar of great importance and profitability, which would consolidate the sustainable growth of the organization by integrating the markets of snacks and sweets.

In 1977, seven years later, the Servitje’s brothers decided to split Barcel, S.A. de C.V, that way the Barcel brand will specialize solely in salty snacks and Ricolino would be the brand to be used exclusively for the segment of sweet and chocolates. With this they gave a detailed approach to each market segment.

The company changed is name from Barcel to Dulces y Chocolates Ricolino S.A. de C.V. in 1978 at which the company had Moritas in its inventory, and released their first Bubulubu. By 1985 the company distributed its products at a national level. Ricolinos most popular products were Paleta Payaso, Bubulubu and Kranky, that began innovating in the market at that time.

Subsequently in 1989 the oportunity of a bigger production and distribution for their products was opened with the opening of the plant in Toluca. In December of that year, Ricolino incoporates the candied category, which will allow the brand to grow as well as increase the product portfolio. In 2004, Ricolino added Duvalin, Bocadin and Lunetas to its product catalog.

The products from Ricolino like Bubulubu, Paleta Payaso y Krany has revolutionized the candy industry with their presence in Mexico and the United States. Always innovative, Ricolino sets the trends in products that make children happy, like gum, covered candies and gummies. Ricolino satisfies the imagination and taste of children with an extensive range of amazing products because of their flavor and very creative variety of forms and presentations.

Ricolino has factories located in Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, Cholula, Matehuala, Toluca y Naucalpan, in addition to the one in the city of Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

Ricolino has a broad range of products to offer its consumers, and those products are made up of a solid recognition for their quality and flavor. The different market segments in which Ricolino participates and the products it does it with are:

Paleta Payaso and Bubulubu, Kranky y Pasitas, Pecositas, Dulcigomas, Panditas, Frutigo, Just Fruttie, Moritas, and Gomilocas(Gummies in different shapes: teeth, pinguins, chicken legs, frogs), Chocoplays, chocosorpresa and Bocadin, Duvalin, Duvaleta, Almendras (candy and chocolate covered almonds), Lunetas and Chocoretas. Other products of Ricolino are: Mango Taps, Monedas, Moritas, DulciGomas, Chutazo, Pikaros, Xtreme Fruits. New products include: Chili Pop, Frupicosa, FrutiGomas, Gomilocas Hamburgesas, GomiPezk, Panditas Gummy Bears and Super Fruty.

As an integral part of Grupo Bimbo, Ricolino is a company that’s committed to its consumers, customers and suppliers. Ricolino is a company who offers added value in all its products.

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