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Canelís started manufacturing candies and chocolates, although they later began producing bubble gum. Today they are an innovative company, characterized by their continuous development in products. Their primary objective has always been to bring prestige and a leading position that goes beyond our borders. Since 1990, Canelís consolidated themselves as a leading company in the national confectionary market, and has kept that position ever since.

The exportation of their popular products Canelís Ultra and La Vaquita (The Little Cow) have increased during the last decades. Canelís USA was established in Texas during 1995 and became a market leader in sales and distribution in the United States.

Canelís popular brands & products:

Ultra products are dedicated primarily on the manufacturing of refreshing candies, such as soft caramels, hard candies, gummies and milk products. Dulces de Leche Vaquita elaborates their candies from cow milk, it is a traditional brand known nation wide and distributes caramels, lollipops, cajeta (liquid milk caramel) and chewy candies.

Other popular Canelís products are the chewy miniatures, Tueni fruit chews, Zum gooey filled bubblegum, Yompi Lollipops, Jawbreakers, Super Bubble and Carioca hard candies. With delicious flavors ranging from pineapple, lemon, grape, cherry, cherry mint, strawberry, tutti frutti and orange.

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