Mexican Snacks Brands is proud to bring world wide leading snack brands, right into your parties and reunions. We make available to you a varied range of snack brands to satisfy every single one of your snacking cravings. Our products will surely make your party or reunion a memorable experience, even bringing you memories of the chips you use to snack on growing up. These famous brands are known for their delicious and vast selection of flavors, some are spicy & tangy, while others are always striving to put your mouth on fire. proudly brings all these different snacks for your enjoyment and to your door step. Some of the most popular snack brand includes names such as Lays, Rancheritos, Sabritones, Sabritas, Ruffles, Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, Chesters, Frito Lays, Munchies, Takis, Barcel, Toreadas, Quezas, Bokados and more.

The following list includes the top Snack companies, manufacturers and brands.

Frito Lay: It?s a company that manufactures, markets and sells an assortment of potato chips, other snack foods and corn chips. With a full product line, Frito Lay Provides smart snack choices for everyone. In their collections they have fun snacks, party snacks, kid?s snacks, healthy choices, and so much more. Frito Lay Snack Product brands include Fritos, Lay's, Cheetos, Doritos, Sabritas, Sabritones, Tostitos, Ruffles and more. You may also want to take a look in our Flamin Hot section for that fiery pepper taste you?re craving for.

Fritos ? Corn chips by the name of Fritos made by Frito-Lay. Original Fritos ingredients are whole corn, salt and corn oil. Fritos have a unique combination of great crunch, good fun and great taste all in one bag. Frito snack products include: Original, Chili Cheese, Flamin? Hot they are so hot you?ll love them, Barbecue, and Scoops (wider chips for dipping). There?s also a new brand of Frito called Twists and they come in three flavors: Honey Barbecue, Tex-Mex and Tapatio sold right here at with a fiery flavor you won?t resist. Make sure to accompany your Fritos with any of their three brand dips: Hot Bean Dip with Jalapeno Peppers for a dip with a fiery kick, Jalapeno Cheddar Flavored Cheese Dip for a cheesy dip with a zesty touch and Southwest Enchilada Black Bean Dip so along with your Fritos, you?ll have an explosion of flavor in your mouth, that would be like eating an enchilada.

Lay?s ? The company that founded the chip brand in 1932, as is now the brand name for a number of potato chip (crisps) varieties. Lays chips are marketed as a division of Frito-lay. You can find Lays potato chips, anywhere where there?s laughter and happiness. From sports parties, birthday parties, backyard BBQs, 4th of July picnics, beach parties, Lay?s chips are there to share and be part of the moment. It?s no wonder that for more than 75 years, these perfectly crispy, fresh tasting potato chips have been America?s favorite snacks. is proud to bring you a varied assortment of Lay?s potato chips so you can choose your favorite one to bring smiles and happiness into your home.

Sabritas ? Mexican brand of potato chips bought by Frito-Lay and Pepsi-Cola Company in 1966. Sabritas is the brand under which Pepsico sells the Frito-Lay products like Fritos, Cheetos, Ruffles and Doritos. It is also a label with its own line of potato chips, with several local products like Rancheritos, Sabritas, Turbos Flamas, Pizzerolas and Sabritones all sold here at Sabritas has 80% of control of the Mexican market, while Barcel owned by Grupo Bimbo has only 12%.

Doritos ? Made of ground corn, seasoning and corn oil, is a brand of flavored tortilla chips invented by Arch West and produced since 1964 by the American food company Frito-Lay Inc. Although Doritos are sold in many countries worldwide in assorted flavors, here at we focus on the Spicy ones or with Latin flavor descent to bring you a snack with a kick.

Tostitos ? A brand of tortilla chips and (more recently) dips manufactured by Frito-Lay and introduced in 1979. Tostitos chips are lightly salted, advertised as suited for dipping, and they contain no extra flavoring or preservatives. Tostitos are often eaten with nacho cheese dip or salsa, which Frito-Lay also produces and are available here at Products include: Scoops, Tortilla chips with lime, Blue corn tortilla, Bite size, and Multigrain. Tostitos salsas include chunky hot and medium, restaurant style salsa and the dips include salsa con queso, and creamy spinach.

Barcel ? A maker of tortilla potato chips, as well as other confectionery and snack food brands like Duvalin and Ricolino. It is a unit of Grupo Bimbo created in 1950. Barcel has a wide range of delicious salty snacks which include the famous and delicious Chips, fresh and crunchy like made at home, the crunchy Hot Nuts which are acclaimed by teenagers and are the most sought after at parties, chicharrones Barcel, Toreadas with their jalapeno, habanero and chili flavors, Churritos, tostachos and chipotles amongst many other delicious and fun snacks; that are ideal to share among friends like Takis the intense taco-snack covered in delicious chili and QueZas with their unique folded shape and their delicious cheese and chili flavor.

Other popular brands of snacks you?ll find at are Bokados, Mac?s pork rinds, Samai Plantain Chips, Manzela Japanese Peanuts and MexGrocer?s line of premium snacks made of pistachios covered in habanero, jalapeno, tequila & lime, garlic and onion, chili lima beans, garbanzos, Churritos, Mixed Fruit Compote, chili mango, roasted salted pepitas, pumpkin seeds, hot canjun trail mix, Gourmet Mixed Nuts as well as toffee covered, Japanese Style or hot & spicy peanuts.

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