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Aguas Frescas - Refreshing Mexican Beverages

Are you looking for refreshing beverages or perhaps a warm drink for the winter time, Mexico has a unique selection of beverages, which are popular worldwide and great for all occasions. What makes Mexican beverages stand out is the versatility in flavors, textures, colors and ingredients. Some beverages date as far back as the Aztecs, like Atole, Chocolate, Tepache and Pulque. Other popular Mexican drinks include Aguas Frescas (Fresh Fruit Drinks) and fruit based Soft Drinks. It is believed that fruit flavored soft drinks arose in Mexico precisely from the famous aguas frescas. The oldest soft drink was created in the early 1900s by Arturo Mundet who produced a delicious apple cider beverage called Sidral Mundet, Jarritos and Sangria Senorial , three of today’s most popular Mexican soft drinks were first produced.

Popular Mexican Beverages Brands

Mexican beverages are a great complement to food and are perfect for all seasons, whether you’re looking to refresh yourself on a hot summer day or warm up during the holidays. Aguas Frescas and fruit based soft drinks like Jarritos, Sangria Senorial and Sidral Mundet are found in most Mexican restaurants. They are deliciously refreshing and can accompany almost any dish, which makes them favorite Mexican restaurant beverages. These fruit drinks are made with real fruit and come in so many unique flavors, that choosing one becomes a difficult task. Popular flavors include: tamarind, hibiscus (Jamaica), horchata (a rice drink scented with vanilla), guava, mango, papaya, passion fruit, strawberry, lemon, watermelon, orange, peach, apple and pineapple. There are also a variety of delicious hot drinks that are perfect for a cold winter day, most popular are the Atole and Hot Chocolate, especially the chocolate flavored atole called Champurrado. These drinks are generally served during the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) and Christmas time especially in the famous festivities called Las Posadas, and is a beverage commonly served alongside tamales. Hot Chocolate is also a famous holiday drink that is served with Mexican sweet bread, pan de muerto (bread of the dead) and rosca de reyes (Three Kings Cake). If you want to learn how to make these delicious beverages, you can do so through our Mexican drinks and beverages recipes page.

Aguas Frescas offers a wide selection of popular Mexican and Hispanic beverages. If you crave a delicious and healthy non carbonated drink, then you’ll enjoy our authentic variety of aguas frescas and tropical fruit juices and mixes. AguaFruta is a beverage based on aguas frescas that is perfect for those who seek a healthy drink, and comes in several delicious flavors: mango, hibiscus, guava, pineapple and orange; also try the “light” version of AguaFruta that offers the same great taste but with less calories. If you prefer the sweet taste of tropical fruit drink mixes, brings you Klass and Zuko two of Mexico and Latin America’s most popular brands that are easy to prepare and bring the authentic taste of aguas frescas right to your home, with delicious flavors like horchata, tamarindo, guava, hibiscus, mango, cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, tangerine and peach. Also try our other popular fruit juice brands Jumex, Del Valle, Boing! and Sonrisa, that have a great natural taste and are made with 100% nectar. also has a unique selection of the most popular Mexican and Hispanic beverages for all soda lovers, ranging from Fruit, Citrus, and other Latin soft drinks that include brands like Jarritos, Penafiel, Sidral Mundet, Sangria Senorial, Aga, Caballitos, Chaparritas, Inca Cola, Materva, Goya and Malta.

Now if you’re looking for Mexican energy drinks, then start your day with a burst of energy with Caballo Negro. Also for those who enjoy Mexican alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, we have a vast variety of beverage fruit concentrates and beer mixes including MicheMix, Fiesta, as well as Camaronazo and Clamato tomato cocktails.

Hot Mexican Beverages - Coffee - Chocolate - Atole

For a warmer alternative on a winter day or as a great complement for sweet bread; coffee, chocolate and atole are the perfect beverages, and you can find the most popular brands here. MexGrocer Mexican Coffee, Cafe Britt, Cafe de Grano Legal, and Nescafe this last brand provides instant coffee whether you’re in the mood for Cafe de Olla or Cafe con Leche. For exquisite chocolate drinks Abuelita, Ibarra, Carlos V, Choco Milk, NesQuik and Milo are ideal brands for you. As well as Maizena’s popular Atole flavors and beverage mixes.

Don’t forget to try MexGrocer’s special beverage gift packages: Tropical Nectar Package, Vitrolero Aguas Frescas Gift Pack, Authentic Mexican Gift Pack Assorted and Aguas Frescas Refreshing Mexican Drink package. These beverage gift packs are ideal for soda lovers or to give as gifts to friends and family so you can introduce them to the delicious and diverse beverages Mexico has to offer.


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