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MexGrocer.com has a delicious selection of fruit spreads that are ideal for all types of dishes, snacks and desserts. Melba Sauce is made with an exquisite combination of fresh black and red raspberries that will garnish and enhance the flavor of your favorite desserts. Major Mango Chutney is the perfect addition for sauces and glazes; it has a sweet and spicy mango flavor that will make your dishes stand out with a unique taste. Another sweet and tangy sauce youíll love is Rolandís Sweet and Sour Duck Sauce, which is ideal to use as a dipping or barbecue sauce, it is also widely used for oriental dishes. Roland has the best fruit products for any gourmet dish or dessert you want to cook up, just try the sweet and juicy canned lychees, mangos, lingonberries, loquats, papaya, peaches, grapefruits, mandarin oranges and tropical mixed fruits to create incredible dishes.

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