Mexican Comal, Skillets, Griddles and Burners

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Mexican Comal, Skillets, Griddles and Burners

The ancient Aztecs toasted cacao beans and cooked their Nixtamal maize tortillas on a flat pottery griddle over an open fire and ate them with beans or chili. The word Comal comes from the Aztec word Comalli. Today the comal is an integral part of Mexican cuisine and culture that one can be found in every Mexican household and modern kitchen. A comal is a simple, small, flat round or oval griddle or skillet used to cook tortillas, quesadillas, sopes, tlacoyos and other masa foods; its used for toasting seeds, nuts, dried chiles and other spices; charring tomatillos for salsas, fresh chiles, tomatoes, onion and garlic; as well as cooking vegetables like nopales, sear meat, and prepare food.

Traditionally comales were made with clay for centuries. Today comales for home use are made from heavy cast iron, stainless steal, aluminum and come in all sizes; round ones to fit over one stovetop burner and elongated oval ones to fit over two burners. Most comales are raw, untreated or uncoated and require seasoning before using them. In Many Hispanic an indigenous cultures, the comal is handed down from grandmother, to mother, to daughter with the idea that a comal passed down from generation to generation will retain a memory of the flavors from their cooking life and they will cook cleaner and heat faster. brings the best high quality Comales so you can start making delicious quesadillas, salsas with blistered tomatillos and chiles right in your own home. For your stovetop you dont need a big comal, use the Comal Cast iron plate round, an all metal black coated Mexican grill. If you need something bigger and fancier Comal - Cast Iron Griddle with wooden handle - Comal de Fierro or the Comal de fierro Redondo #2 / Round Skillet Comal #2 Metal Plate Griddle in its different sizes are perfect for you, you will have more room to cook your favorite foods and cook more tortillas. If you have a big family and need to cook a lot of tortillas then use a Comal or cast iron plate 17 inches; a large iron plate used to make tortillas and blister chiles as well as use it as a fajita and quesadillas pan. Or a Comal de fierro Ovalado / Oval Skillet - Small Cast Iron both fit nicely over two stove top burners.

If you love fajitas, get a Cast Iron Fajita Platter Set. It is the perfect way to serve beef, chicken, pork and vegetables sizzling hot. It's made out of heavy duty cast iron platter and rugged wood under liner for a long life. It's ideal for cooking health nutritious meals. The Cast Iron Fajita Platter set makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Package includes: Cast iron platter, wood under liner, and convenient built in handle.

If you own a Mexican food restaurant you definitely can not be without an Adobo Oven Vertical Broiler Tacos al Pastor machine. Excellent restaurant equipment designed to make delicious Tacos al Pastor. Taquitos al pastor are usually prepared with pork meat cooked over a spit Middle Eastern style.

Comales are not only round or elongated there are also concave ones, mostly used in Mexican food restaurants and taco stands in Mexico. If you have a restaurant you need one of these amazing comales: The coma bola 23: with an upward hump used to make quesadillas on the hump and carnitas on the bottom ring. The comal pozo 23 and Comal pozo 16 has an inverted oval shape in the middle giving it the shape of a bowl, where carnitas, quesadillas and many types of food can be deep fried and then rest them on the top ring.

Introduce your friends, and family to the wonderful world of tortilla making with The La Cocinera Mexican food cooking utensils pack which includes a molcajete to grind their own chiles and make their own salsa. As well as a tortilla press (tortillero) to flatten the masa to make tortillas and a large comal or griddle used to make tortillas and blister chiles.

Video Salsa Mexicana hecha en Molcajete receta de Chef Ana Martorell

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