Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round - 10.5 in

Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round
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Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round

The comal is a Mexican style grill or griddle. A large seasoned cast iron plate or griddle used to make tortillas and blister chiles. Makes a perfect fajita and quesadilla pan. Size for cooking surface is 9 inches, total diameter is 10.5".

The comal is traditionally painted black as protection against rust. You need to first hand wash with soap and water, make sure you grease the comal with vegetable oil, then heat it on the grill for 30 minutes; finally dry and remove the excess grease with a paper towel. Your comal is now ready to use!


Recipe to cure the comal

Recipe Instructions:
1.-Thoroughly clean the Mexican Comal with soap and water.
2.-Grind some garlic up to a paste and spread all over the surface of the comal.
3.-Leave it to rest, through a whole night.
4.-The next day rinse away the garlic from the comal and presto! your on your way to cook not only tortillas but chiles, tomatoes and other condiments.

How to make corn tortillas and how to use the comal


Comal de Hierro Forjado

Comal de hierro fundido curado o hierro forjado para asar tus alimentos favoritos. Perfecto para calentar tortillas. Ideal para hacer quesadillas y sincronizadas a la parrilla. Su tamano es de 26 cms de diametro.


El comal tradicional es un disco de barro cocido que se coloca sobres tres piedras (los TENAMASCLES) entre las cuales se prende un fuego de carbón o leña. Antes de ser usado, hay que "curarlo", o sea frotarlo por ambos lados y varias veces con una mezcla de agua y cal, después de lo cual se pone a secar al sol.

Más práctico es el comal de metal, de uso generalizado en México. Es más ligero, no es frágil, se calienta más rápidamente que el de barro y la temperatura se puede graduar fácilmente. Es un disco de lámina de hasta 80 cm. de diámetro. Se limpia con agua y jabón o detergente, y se cura sólo untándolo con unas gotas de grasa. Se oxida fácilmente, de manera que hay que secarlo por completo cada vez que se lava.
Existen comales metálicos cóncavos en la parte central. Sirven para freír antojitos en grasa. Antojitos y tortillas se conservan calientes sobre el borde del comal.


Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round - 10.5 in
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4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.


I ordered the $35one & much to my dismay,I found the exact same product(same demensions,same maker-everything the same)for $16 at Walmart.I've already used mine so I can't return it & I've already gotten rid of the receipt that came with it. I like the product-just wish I would've found the $16 one before I paid what I did!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product, shipping was fast

Great skillet

Flushing, Michigan
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My First Comal

The comal worked fine for Chiles Rellenos. Be sure to season the comal first. 
Nice size. 

Santa Barbara, Ca.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.


PERFECT ! Love it .

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gift

I liked mine so much that I ordered 3 more to give as Christmas gifts.

5 Stars

Review for Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round

Finally, my corn/flour tortillas are looking/tasting like they were meant to. Great products(s)!! Thanks, again, MexGrocer!!

5 Stars

Review for Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round

I love it! Just what I was looking for. Great for charring chilies and heating corn tortillas. Thinking of getting one for my brother-in-law. I would definately recomend this product for those looking for an authentic Mexican cooking tool.

5 Stars

Review for Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round

Perfect size for 1-2 person(s) doing a corn-tortilla thing--what with chorizo/egg/onion main meal w/beans and chili verde (Herdez). Also great for heating up corn tortillas so that peanut/almond butter can be spread/rolled/eaten con mucho gusto... And the fact that cast-iron works beautifully on an induction cooktop (faster than gas).....

5 Stars

Review for Comal - Cast Iron Plate Round

Great product. I will use it often. Easy to season.



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