Gourmet Food Capers and Olives

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Make delicious dishes and salads with capers and have caper berries as a snack or add them to a gin or vodka martini for an interesting twist. Olives are delicious and they add a salty tangy taste to food, throw some Roland Kalamata Pitted Olives into a pasta sauce or chop and slice them for baking and cooking. Use the sliced Kalamata ones as pizza and salad toppings for a traditional and true taste of Greece.


The variety of sizes, flavor and shapes of the olives depend on how they are pickled or cured. You might be familiar with the commonly pimiento stuffed green manzanilla olive or the canned black mission olives, there a still many textures and flavors of olives to explore. You can use olives to prepare many dishes like pastas and pizzas, eaten plain with bread and cheese, ground into a tapenade or as a garnish in a martini.

Preparations for olives are Mediterranean in nature, because olives are native to the Mediterranean. There are two types of olives: Black olives and green olives which are picked while young for their aggressive, more dense flavor, while black olives are picked when more mature. Before consuming, olives must be cured in either form: oil, dry, salt, water, brined or treated with lye before brining to remove its bitter taste and make it more palatable.

Green olives are used as garnish for martinis, as well as in dishes and hors d

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