Gourmet Food Capers and Olives

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Make delicious dishes and salads with capers and have caper berries as a snack or add them to a gin or vodka martini for an interesting twist. Olives are delicious and they add a salty tangy taste to food, throw some Roland Kalamata Pitted Olives into a pasta sauce or chop and slice them for baking and cooking. Use the sliced Kalamata ones as pizza and salad toppings for a traditional and true taste of Greece.


The variety of sizes, flavor and shapes of the olives depend on how they are pickled or cured. You might be familiar with the commonly pimiento stuffed green manzanilla olive or the canned black mission olives, there a still many textures and flavors of olives to explore. You can use olives to prepare many dishes like pastas and pizzas, eaten plain with bread and cheese, ground into a tapenade or as a garnish in a martini.

Preparations for olives are Mediterranean in nature, because olives are native to the Mediterranean. There are two types of olives: Black olives and green olives which are picked while young for their aggressive, more dense flavor, while black olives are picked when more mature. Before consuming, olives must be cured in either form: oil, dry, salt, water, brined or treated with lye before brining to remove its bitter taste and make it more palatable.

Green olives are used as garnish for martinis, as well as in dishes and hors d’oeuvres. Many people, who love Manzanilla olives, also enjoy the cured in brine and herbs Sicilian olives that are usually stuffed with other pickled vegetables. MexGrocer.com is proud to bring you the best Manzanilla Olives from Goya stuffed with Red Pimientos, Tuna, Salmon or Anchovies like Roland Stuffed Olives, which are extremely popular as a pre-dinner cocktail snack or buffet table addition. Anchovy Stuffed Olives can be added to salads, as part of an antipasto plate. Just put them out in a bowl for friends. Open a jar of La Costena pitted olives; they make an excellent addition to all your dishes, beverages or just eat them as a snack. Try them on pizzas, with bread and cheese, on salsas, on an assortment of other pickled or salty snacks like artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes or red bell peppers.

Capers & Caper Berries

Capers and Caper berries both derive from the same plant the Caper Bush or Capparis Spinosa, which grows throughout the Mediterranean, some parts of Asia. As the caper matures, it turns into a beautiful flower and then into a caper berry. The capers are small, lemony, immature un-ripened buds of the caper bush. They can be tiny like a green pea and grow up to the size of a small olive. Larger capers are less aromatic and are stronger in flavor. Caper buds are picked by hand and after being harvested, they are sun dried, and later pickled in wine, salt, vinegar or brine. The curing process brings out their zesty lemony flavor just like with green olives. Capers, the small and green herb buds enrich food like dressings, vegetables, salads, a variety of main dishes and sauces with a delicious salty or piquant sour flavor. So prepare delicious dishes such as meatloaf or tuna fish salads with Roland Nonpareilles Capers (Nonpareil), cured in brine and packaged in vinegar.

Caper berries are preferred for their milder taste to the strong taste of caper buds; since they still have some lemon taste but much more milder than capers. Caper berries are semi-green, oblong fruits about the size of a table grape. Capers can be substituted in recipes with sliced caper berries if you want a dish that’s less acidic. However, you can’t substitute caper berries with capers in recipes calling for caper berries because then you will get a very acidic dish.

Caper berries before being cured in salt water and white wine brine are starchy in flavor, after being cure they gradually become crunchy and flavorful. They can be eaten like regular pickles or olives. Open up a jar of Roland Wild Caper berries and add an interesting twist to a gin or vodka martini. Caper berries make perfect snacks and are ideal for buffets, center of plate garnishes or antipastos trays

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