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Mexican Sandwich Cookies

Sandwich cookies are either pressed or rolled, and are fabricated to resemble a sandwich with a sweet creamy filling. Some filling types include jam, marshmallow as well as vanilla, chocolate or lime icing. Cookies may be coated in chocolate as well. A great example of a sandwich cookie is the famous Oreos, since most cookies are made up of two cookies with a vanilla flavored icing sandwiched in the middle.

Listed below are the two best sandwich cookie brands you’ll find at, starting with Mexico’s leading cookie manufacturer Gamesa and La Moderna cookie brand.


Gamesa’s sandwich cookies are delectable treats that have become a favorite among kids and adults, their cookie varieties are just sweetly irresistible so much that you’ll be craving for more the minute you taste them. Try their famous and delicious varieties and assortments that include their signature Emperador and Giro cookies. Emperador comes in three flavors chocolate with fudge filling, lime, and vanilla/chocolate combined cookies. Giro is considered Mexico’s Oreo cookie since it is similar to the popular American confection and has the same great taste. They are made of two chocolate flavored cookies with a creamy vanilla icing sandwiched in between.

Also try Gamesa’s assorted cookie boxes that include Surtido Rico, Lonchera and Surtido Chocolate, that have a delicious assortment of their famous cookies: chokis, emperador, mamut, arcoiris, sugar wafers, and chocolatines. Whether you’re looking for a delicious snack, a treat to serve at a party or a sweet surprise to add to your kid’s lunchboxes then Gamesa has everything you need to satisfy your loved ones and your own sweet palates. For another rich and delicious assortment check out La Moderna assorted cookies, that has a unique selection of flavors.

Whatever product you choose you’ll be sure to enjoy Gamesa and La Moderna’s unique creations that can be dipped into a cold glass of milk or accompanied with a scrumptious cup of hot chocolate. Just imagine a plate of Gamesa’s cookies along side a steaming cup of Abuelita Marqueta or Chocolate Ibarra hot chocolate mixes. It’s a sweet combination that you will thoroughly enjoy. So why not pamper yourself with some delicious confections.

Don’t miss out on our Mexican Cookies Pack which is the ideal gift for those cookie lovers among your friends and family, introduce them to Gamesa’s delectable world of cookies with their most beloved and popular products: Animalitos, Maria’s, Emperador, Fruit Bars and Sugar Wafers.

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