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Mexican Wafer Cookies

Wafer cookies are very thin and flat, they have a crisp and dry texture with a pleasantly sweet flavor. They are a sandwich type of cookie with a cream filling that combines with the flavor of the wafer. These cookies have a waffle surface pattern, which inspired the waffles we eat for breakfast today. Wafers are packaged with a fully automatic machine so these delicate and savory cookies can be kept intact, without crushing or breaking.

The origins of the wafers have been traced all the way back to the middle ages, where light thin and crispy cakes were baked between wafer irons, that were later placed over a fire and flipped in order to cook both of the sides. These wafers became popular in 14th century England and were sold by street merchants that were called wafers. As you can see wafer cookies and waffles were closely interrelated with each other; these medieval cakes paved the way to the creation of these two delicious concoctions.

Wafer cookies come in a variety of flavors including its rich creme filling such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, peanut, mango, orange, pineapple and other fruit flavors. They are made from wheat flour, sugar, starch, vanaspati, soda and salt. Flavorings, colorings and preservatives are added according to the variety that is being produced. As you can see this popular cookie dessert comes in many colors, sizes, flavors and varieties. They are not only delicious but are a great sweet snack for kids since they don't have nearly as much sugar as other cookies, they are easy to come across, have a long shelf life and are very economical. Wafers are so popular you can even find them as part of many different candy varieties such as Kit Kat and Butterfinger bars that have a wafer filling that is covered in rich chocolate, even Mexico's most popular chocolate bar Carlos V has a similar product, which consists of a tasty wafer covered in their signature chocolate.

These cookies have great culinary uses since they are excellent to accompany with coffee, puddings, milk shakes and desserts. The most popular way to eat wafer cookies is by adding them to a delicious bowl of ice cream, so you get a sweet and soft combination that is both scrumptious and crunchy.

Gamesa is one of Mexico's most popular cookie manufacturers and who created the most delectable wafer cookies in the country. So enjoy a sweet snack, a hot cup of Nescafe or Abuelita Marqueta's steaming hot chocolate with some scrumptious wafer snacks, or add some chocolate, strawberry or vanilla wafers to a savory ice cream dessert.

If you love wafer cookies or are just simply curious to try them then you will love MexGrocer.com's Mexican Cookies pack which includes several creme wafer varieties and flavors. It's also a great gift idea for those cookie lovers among your family and friends, and for those who haven't tried them it is a great way to introduce your loved ones to the sweet and savory flavor of these delectable wafer cookies.

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