Mexican Chocolate Cookies

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Mexican Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate cookies are irresistible treats that have been enjoyed for countless generations. Both kids and adults love their sweet fudge taste; whether eaten at school, at parties or while watching television this snack brings back many sweet memories to those who have savored their chocolaty flavor. Mexican chocolate cookies just like their American counterparts are original, delicious and versatile; they come in many shapes, sizes, colors, textures and flavors. There are so many its hard to choose just one and that’s where Gamesa and La Moderna’s chocolate cookie assortment boxes come in hand, since they are filled with all of the brands best cookie products so you can try them all. is proud to be able to give you access to some of Mexico’s most popular chocolate cookie brands, so you can savor the flavor of Mexico’s famous confections. Gamesa, Marinela, Ricolino and Bocadin are some of the brands available to you through our store. Listed below are a few of these brands most popular products.


For those chocolate lovers with a marshmallow weakness, we have the perfect treats for you. Gamesa’s Mamut and Chocolatines are savory chocolate cookies with marshmallows that are coated in rich chocolate. Chocolatines though a peanut topping which gives the cookies aunique taste.

If you prefer traditional cookies then you’ll love their signature and famous Emperador fudge and combination cookies. These sweet treats are square shaped and have a delicious creamy filling; the fudge variety are chocolate cookies with a fudge filling while the combination pack is characterized by a combination of chocolate and vanilla cookies with a creamy vanilla filling.

For a sweet addition to any dessert Gamesa’s sugar wafers will do the trick, they are ideal snacks to accompany with a cup of coffee, milkshake or pudding. They can also be enjoyed with ice cream for a dessert that is both satisfying and crunchy. Sugar wafers are characterized by their famous waffle like texture, they are sandwich cookies with a dry, thin and crisp texture as well as a creamy or fruit flavored filling. Most famous flavors include vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.


Ricolino’s Bubu Lubu is quite different from most cookies, it is known for its famous jelly and marshmallow filling and its sweet chocolaty coating. Its delicious combination makes for a unique cookie snack, since the fusion of jelly and marshmallow is irresistible. It’s a treat that can be enjoyed as a movie theatre snack, parties or any place you go, it’s a fun snack on the go.

Pinguinos Marinela is the Mexican chocolate hostess cupcakes, since they are similar to the American product and are just as delicious. The chocolate cupcakes have a creamy white filling, with chocolate icing and white squiggles on top that give its unique shape and flavor. Its rich chocolate taste is deliciously irresistible, have one bite and you’ll be craving for more.

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