Mexican Cookies

Mexican Cookies

Cookies have been a favorite dessert through generations. After all who can resist such a deliciously sweet treat? Mexican bakery is so versatile especially when it comes to cookies; there are so many varieties and flavors available, besides the different colors, shapes and textures. Mexico stands out with their cookies and with good reason, this delightful dessert is always being reinvented and creative new flavors are always being made. Opening a box of cookies is like unwrapping a gift, because of the wonderful treats inside. From sugar, chocolate, fruit, marshmallow, wafers to cinnamon cookies, these are just some of the different types you’ll find. takes pride in bringing you the most exquisite cookie products, from Mexico’s finest brands: Gamesa, Marinela, La Moderna, Ricolino.

Gamesa Cookies

Gamesa – Gamesa has a unique assortment of Mexican sugar cookies and flavors, starting from their original Maria’s cookies that are ideal to eat with cajeta (milk caramel), dip in coffee or authentic hot chocolate, as well as make delicious desserts and cookie recipes like cheesecake with the crust made from crushed Maria’s cookies. Kids love animal shaped cookies and Gamesa’s Animalitos wafer cookies are perfect, whether you want to give your kids a delicious surprise inside their lunch boxes, serve them at parties or if you’re a teacher hand them out at school. Gamesa also has a scrumptious selection of marshmallow cookies that are irresistible: Mamut a marshmallow cookie coated in chocolate. Arcoiris (rainbow cookies) is a sweet cookie that has four pink and white marshmallows and a coconut topping. Chocolatines are a chocolate flavored cookie with a marshmallow filling that is covered in rich chocolate and sprinkled with peanuts. If you love cinnamon, you should try Ricanelas these scrumptious crackers are sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and go great with milk or coffee. Another irresistible treat are Gamesa’s Fruit Bars, these cookies come with a gooey fruity topping with flavors like strawberry and pineapple. For Mexican chocolate cookie lovers Emperador is a treat you won’t want to miss, these fudge sandwich cookies have a frosty and chocolaty filling. Also try Emperador Combinado (combined) a chocolate and vanilla cookie with a frosty center and Emperador Piruetas which are lemon flavored sandwich cookies. Other recommended products are Barras de Coco (cookies with coconut flavor), Chocolate Wafers, Giro Chocolate (similar to Oreos) and Hawaianas / Hawaiians (ginger snaps). There are so many cookies and flavors to choose from, that it is quite difficult to choose just one product which is why Gamesa has created delicious assortments: Surtido Rico, Lonchera (Lunch Box) and Chocolate Assorted Cookies.

Marinela Pastries

Marinela - This popular brand has some of the finest and most exquisite cookies on the market, their authentic flavors are a surprising but delicious experience for your taste buds. If you’re looking for Mexican cinnamon cookies, Marinela’s Canelitas are the most delicious cinnamon cookies you’ll encounter, perfect for having them with either milk or coffee. Another cookie product you’ll love are Polvorones which are orange flavored shortbread cookies, as well as Sponch cookies which are similar to Gamesa Arcoiris cookies, it’s a marshmallow and cookie treat with a strawberry and coconut topping. For those who love fruit flavored cookies, Barritas are ideal for you, they have a fruity strawberry or pineapple filling that is irresistible.

La Moderna Cookies

La Moderna - Give your kids a sweet and delightful snack with Animalitos, these animal cookies are sure to be your kid’s favorite. If you’re looking for a delicious cookie to accompany your coffee, hot chocolate or milk than check out La Moderna’s Maria cookies which are similar to Gamesa’s Marias. Also try La Moderna’s Cookie Assortment, for delicious assorted cookies.

Other recommended cookie brands are Bimbo Doraditas, Bimbo Multigrain Bars and more.

Give a sweet gift to your family and friends with our Mexican Cookies Pack; this gift package is perfect for any cookie lover since it comes with a delicious assortment of Gamesa cookies: Animalitos, Barras de Coco, Emperador, Fruit Bars, Sugar Wafers and Maria’s cookies.

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