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Foodservice defines those companies that supply goods or any meal prepared outside the home, these are called foodservice distributors. These businesses sell foods and small wares like kitchen utensils, some companies manufacture products in two versions consumer and foodservice. The consumer version comes in a smaller individualized-sized package with a fancy label design for retail sale. While the foodservice version is much larger and packaged in a large industrial size that lacks the elaborate and colorful label designs of the consumer version. These foodservice distributors supply goods to businesses, companies and institutions such as schools, restaurants, catering operations and hospital cafeterias. is proud to bring you high quality products from the best food service distributors and at the foodservice sizes you’re looking for. (Tamaños Institucionales)


We have Mexican Soda Pops brands, Aguas Frescas and other Mexican Beverage Foodservice Sizes for Restaurants: MicheMix Original Micheladas Beer Mix, MicheMix Picante Micheladas Beer Mix and MicheMix Salimon Micheladas Beer Mix, these beverage mixes allow you to prepare any authentic Michelada in an instant, while maintaining its authentic and natural flavor. Fiesta Drink Concentrates: Horchata, Tamarindo, Hibiscus (Jamaica), Guava and Mango are delicious concentrated packages of Mexico’s traditional aguas frescas. Don Gustavo – Ground Traditional Mexican Chocolate and Maria Elena’s Organic Horchata Rice Cinnamon Mix foodservice industrial sizes. As well as Mexican and Latin American traditional fruit juices and soft drinks: Inca Cola, Topo Chico Mineral Water, Jarritos assorted flavors, Sangria Senorial, Sidral Mundet, Penafiel and Jumex.

Canned Foods

Try our Foodservice Canned Foods from Mexico’s most popular manufacturers: Juanita’s (Pozole Hot & Spicy Menudo, Menudo, and Mexican Style White Hominy), La Costena (Refried Pinto Beans, Refried Black Beans, Whole Pinto Beans and Tender Cactus - Nopalitos), Pico Pica Real Mexican – Style Menudo, Dona Maria Nopalitos, Embasa Nopalitos and Monteblanco Cuitlacoche.

Chili Peppers and Salsas

Give your dishes a spicy kick with our Chili Peppers and Salsas foodservice products, with brands such as La Costena, Roland, La Morena, San Marcos, Embasa, Herdez, Del Sol, Tajin, Fischer and Wieser, Valentina, Tapatio, La Victoria, Cholula, El Pato and Las Palmas.

Household Products

View our Household Foodservice Suggestions for excellent products for your businesses and institutions. Our Lady of Guadalupe Poster is a replica of the original image in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico. This poster does not include a frame, but is the ideal size for a Church or your Home.

Other Household Foodservice products we recommend are La Mexicana’s cast iron Tortilla Press, Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle) by Mi Viejita, Tamale Steamers and Laundry Detergents from brands such as Ariel, Roma and Foca.

Other Mexican Food Service

If you’re looking for other Mexican Food Service products we also have great product suggestions for you: Ibarra Chocolate Tablets, Maseca Corn Flour for Tamales and Tortillas, El Guapo Corn Husks, Mex-Sales Tamale Spreader, MexiChef, La Perla del Mayab and El Yucateco Achiote Pastes, Molina and Real Vanilla 100% Pure Vanilla Extracts, Japon Peanuts, La Costena Whole Tomatillos, Tres Reyes Chongos Zamoranos, Chocobanano Sticks, Herdez Whole Guava and Sliced Mangos in Syrup, Adobo Oven, C & F Black Beans and Short Grain Rice Valencia for Paella.

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