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Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas Drink ware Supplies

A container that is intended to hold liquid foods or beverages for consuming or drinking is called Drink Ware. It can be plastic, clay, metal, and most commonly glass in the forms of Cups, glasses, wine glasses, etc.

Drink ware is a must have for any party or event you’re throwing, and is the best place online for you to stock up on all of your drink ware needs for your next party, catering and special events, at affordable prices and at the click of a button. Match your party themes and spice up your party tables by decorating and serving your drinks in style with novelty drink ware. Make your next event or party, memorable, fun for your guests, give it a festive twist by using novelty drink ware, which is perfect for outdoors, home or commercial use.

Below you’ll find a list of all drink ware available at so you can use your favorite at your next event, beach or patio party, barbecue or reunion.

Made in Mexico

Hand made in Jalisco, Mexico, blue trim glasses will be a perfect addition to your home so you can give your table and serve your next meal in a real Mexican style. You can buy the tequila shot, “High Ball” or Regular hand blown blue trim glasses separately or buy the 12 piece set and have them all at home for your next party, reunion, dinner or special event. So go ahead and serve up your self a glass of Jamaica, Tamarind, or Horchata juice in one of these fine glasses or a shot of tequila in the Tequila shot blue trim glasses.

Serve your beer or have a tequila shot in a beautiful hand made Mexican ceramic beer mug or tequila shot glasses. They are decorated with a cactus or maguey figures made in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. They will make wonderful additions to your ceramic table ware and give your table a Mexican style.

Margarita glasses, cups and tequila shot glasses

For your next party, catering event, Mexican celebration, beach or patio party, barbecue or special occasion serve tequila shots in style with Del Sol tequila shots in assorted colors and designs as well as Fiesta tequila shot glasses which are made out of clear plastic with each glass having a different picture (chili peppers, cactus, sombrero and flowers).

Make it fun, prepare your own margaritas with the Cocktail Glass Rimmer, it has 3 compartments that hold Lime Juice, coarse margarita salt, and sugar! Simply dip the glass into the lime juice to moisten and then dip it into the coarse Margarita Salt or Sugar to completely and easily rim the glass for a perfect margarita any time. The Cocktail Glass Rimmer also makes an excellent gift for the margarita lover in your shopping list.

Use the Cocktail Rimmer on the rims of the Fiesta Margarita Glass which is decorated with a colorful sombrero at the bottom of the glass, Cocktail Margarita Glasses in Assorted Colors, the Orange Margarita Glasses or Margarita Clear Plastic glasses and serve your frozen or on the rocks, original, mango or strawberry margaritas in style by the pool or at the beach.

Fiesta Shot, Fiesta Stripe, Del Sol Motifs, Del Sol Impressions and Fiesta Fun cups are part of the Amscan party themes. Serve your refreshments with style; decorate your 5 de Mayo parties and tables using any of these cups. They are disposable and they make the cleaning process a breeze. Your guests will love sipping drinks from a cup of fun!

Serve milkshakes, soda, iced tea, and lemonade in our Del Sol Impressions Tumbler by Amscan. Colorful 20 oz tall glasses that you can at use at either formal or casual meals, at picnics or by the pool.

Make sure to serve or have your Cerveza in style using this very cute Fabric drink kozy in the form of a colorful Zarape on your next 5 de Mayo fiesta, at the beach or barbecue. Your guests will love the Zarape drink kozy on their beers.

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