Mexican Fiesta Theme Party Ideas

Find the ideal theme for your next party from our unique selection of party themes. Start with our Mexican Fiesta themes and supplies that will beautifully decorate your themed parties. Choose from over 7 themes and have a Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo or Birthday celebration with style.

Donít know what theme to use? Check for excellent Mexican party theme ideas, so you can have a fiesta that is both patriotic and unforgettable. Choose from creative tableware, decorations and invitations that match your theme. All seven fiesta themes include plastic plates, cups, napkins, glasses and other essentials such as balloons and invitations.

Fiesta Fun

This fun theme is characterized by its colorful pattern around the edge and its black background that is decorated with flowers, chili peppers, maraca, sombreros and confetti. As well as the big bright FIESTA, CINCO DE MAYO, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY letters that is written in the center of the tableware and supplies. Also be sure to checkout the Fiesta Margarita green colored glass with a colorful sombrero shaped bottom, it can be used for alcoholic beverages as well as desserts such as ice cream, sorbets and smoothies.

Mexican Fiesta Brights

The Fiesta Brights theme features bold and bright patterns that are inspired by Spanish folk art. Itís the ideal theme for any Mexican Independence Day or Cinco de Mayo themed celebrations; it will give your fiesta a unique Spanish-Mexican feel that will truly show off your Hispanic heritage. Make a party that shines with a colorful theme that will bring your family and friends together for a patriotic celebration.

Del Sol Motifs

Del Sol is another Spanish inspired party theme with vibrant colors and a luminous solar scroll design that is printed on the tableware and supplies. Itís a wonderful way to spice up your Mexican themed celebrations so you can give your guests a unique and unforgettable fiesta experience. Other extras include colorful chip and dip baskets so you can serve your snacks with style, shot glasses with solar scroll and stripped designs so you can give a unique look and feel to your alcoholic beverages and colorful decorations that include table centerpieces, beverage covers and banners.

Del Sol Impressions

The Del Sol Impressions theme is adorned with bright water color stripes that will give a unique look to any Mexican themed celebration; from Cinco de Mayo celebrations, to birthday parties and family reunions. Make an impressive party with the Del Sol Impressions theme that is sure to give your next fiesta life, spice and color.

Fiesta Stripes

Fiesta Stripes has a wonderful Mexican design, it has a serape style pattern that will match perfectly with most Mexican themed decorations and supplies. Its bright and vibrant colors will liven up any party, after all themes set up the mood of a good fiesta and if you want a party that is colorful, fun and full of life this theme is just what youíre looking for.

Mexican Fiesta Chili Peppers

The Fiesta Chili Peppers theme has a similar design to the Fiesta Fun theme; it is decorated with color stripes on the edges and a black background. The theme is text less but adorned with orange, red, yellow and green chili peppers. Other extras included in the theme are chili shaped trays and stirrers for your fiesta party snacks and beverages. The chili pepper inflatable and table sprinkles are also a great addition to any fiesta.

Fiesta Party

The Fiesta Party is a colorful theme that will give life to any Mexican themed party. You will be a sensation among your guests with the Fiesta Party tableware and decorations. The plates in this theme have a unique octagonal shape; both the plates and napkins have orange edges with a purple background that is decorated with colorful FIESTA letters, sombreros, chili peppers, piŮatas and maracas. This theme also includes the plastic Fiesta Shot glasses that will give your beverages a fun look and feel.

Whatever theme you choose youíll be guaranteed an impressive and wonderfully decorated fiesta. You can also mix and match different themes as well to create your own unique party theme.

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