Olive Oil, Vinegar, Marinades and Honey

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MexGrocer.com is proud to bring you the best Olive Oil, Vinegar and Honey product brands from Mexico to your table all in the click of a button.

To make delicious Mexican meals you need the right kind of ingredients, and what kind of oil you use is very important. It has to taste great as well as be healthy for you and your family. 123 cooking oil is the perfect choice, as you can use it for many things like salad dressing, baking or to keep your food from sticking. With its perfect consistency, 123 cooking oil will take your vinaigrettes to a whole new level of flavor. Your frying needs are also covered with 123 cooking oil, to make delicious and healthy steaks use a dab of oil in a pan for that perfectly crisped outside that will make your mouth water. If you are the type who loves deep frying, 123 cooking oil has you covered too. Submerge your food in oil to make delicious rolled tacos, fry some tortillas for succulent enchiladas, chilaquiles, and make some delicious friend chicken or shrimp. Every time you use 123 cooking oil, you will get an exquisite crispy, crunchy golden exterior with juicy and tender insides your whole family will love. Also make sure to try Maizete 100% Pure Corn Oil for that perfect deep frying. It tastes great and it’s healthy, ideal for you to use in your daily life.

Vinegar is the second most important part of vinaigrettes besides the oil. El Pato distilled white vinegar is a staple item for every kitchen for household cooking, cleaning and disinfecting needs. It’s ideal for pickling, canning, dressings, marinades and mayonnaise recipes. Vinegar gives food that distinctive sour or tart taste that you love. Create delicious vinaigrettes for super healthy salads or pickle your favorite vegetables with El Pato distilled white vinegar.

The ancient Egyptians and the Aztecs used honey not only as a flavorful and perfectly sweet ingredient in food and drinks but as a medicinal remedy because of its healing properties. Today honey is the most used ingredient in cooking because of its unique sweet flavor that works perfectly anywhere its used, whether its in cooking or baking, spreading it as a condiment over toast or other foods and using it to sweeten your favorite cup of tea. Honey has a long history of human consumption, and is used in various foods and beverages as a sweetener and flavoring. For deliciously 100% real honey use Miel H - 100% pure honey or Royal Crown 100% pure honey with comb, to sweeten those beverages, bake delicious cakes, or heal a sore throat a teaspoon will do the trick. Enjoy the uniquely sweet taste of honey in your favorite dishes and prepare your taste buds for the best honey dessert you have ever tasted.

Maya Natural Sea Salt is naturally-filtered, hand-harvested, and unaltered straight from the Pacific Ocean to your table. It will add a savory but not “salty” finish to all of your recipes. Each 12 oz bags of Maya Natural Sea salt are wrapped with a colorful textile band woven by the Guatemalan people, descendants of the ancient Maya. The Maya Natural Sea salt contains only-hand harvested sea salt, contains no additives, including iodine or anti-caking agents.

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